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WATCH: This Woman From Texas Gives Birth to Her 10-lb Baby Inside the Car While on Their Way to the Hospital

Are you familiar with this movie scene: Husband and wife are rushing to the hospital hoping that they will get there in time, however, they get stuck in traffic. What happens next: the wife gives birth while on their way to the hospital — of course, inside the car.

This cliche movie scene became real for these happy couple on this video that is making rounds over the Internet — they are Jonathon and Lesia Pettijohn.

In The San Francisco Globe blog post, it was reported that they arrived to their birth center about a few minutes from when their baby (it’s a boy) was born. The mother and the baby was then checked and the cord was clamped and cut safely. According to the article, the staff of the birth center told the couple that their baby boy was in good health and was weighing 10 lbs.

The couple named their son Josiah.

In the video, the woman became emotional after giving birth.

Calm and Collected

As can be seen on the video, the husband remained calm as well as collected throughout the process?

What allowed the husband, according to the blog post, to remain calm while her wife was giving birth inside the car is because of their prior experience with their first two kids. Because of the prior experience, he would already know how to assure her wife that everything will be okay and he was able to alleviate Lesia’s fears while giving birth to their baby boy.

For their first two children, however, they arrived at the birth center far too early.

Indeed, these couple handled the situation like champs.

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