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WATCH: Why This Funny Performance of “Crazy Duo” in “It’s Showtime” Became Trending?

Just recently, Ryan Rems Sarita went viral because of his funny performances in one of the segments of “It’s Showtime” in ABS-CBN. But, Crazy Duo — a tandem who came from Cebu and a contestant in the “Funny One” segment — is also making a buzz on the social media. This is due to their latest performance in the said show.

Creative and Versatile

Perhaps, what the “madlang people” love the most about this tandem is their versatility and creativity. Creative because in their past performances, they never failed to showcase their unique comedy spills. Every time they go on-stage and deliver their antics, they provide their audience an all new experience. Versatile also, because they do not just manage to make people laugh with their jokes; they also possess other talents — such as incorporating their singing as well as dancing skills.

For instance, in their past performances, they danced to the beat of “Cha-Cha;” they sang one of Jireh Lim’s hit songs, “Buko;” and so on.

Also, it was a revelation that one of the two members can play the guitar really well.

Acrobatic Skills

In their last performance, which became trending on the social media, “Mang Diego,” as the host call him, showed off his skill in doing acrobatic stunts a-la Jong Hilario — the “Sampol King.”

No one knew, even the hosts of the said show, that Mang Diego possesses such skill.

As a result, everyone in the studio has given the two a standing ovation. They also received positive feedback and scores from the judges / hurados as well as from the studio audience who were also given the chance to give their scores to the performers of the segment.

Watch this video and know why this latest performance of Crazy Duo became trending over the Internet. Let us also know your thoughts on their performance by giving us your comments below.


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