WATCH: Young Singer from Cebu, Philippines Can Match Mariah Carey’s Powerful Voice

Pinoy who sings like Mariah Carey featured on Rated K

This young boy can sing Mariah Carey’s song flawlessly! [Image Credit: Kenny Dhave Carey/Facebook and Wikimedia Commons]

  • Filipinos are popular singers worldwide.

  • Mariah Carey, who have several popular tracks under her belt, is known to have a powerful singing voice.

  • The young boy from Cebu possesses the similar powerful voice and is now making headlines.

Mariah Carey serves as an icon and idol for a lot of singers. [Image Credit: Wikipedia]

Mariah Carey is an international superstar who possesses one of the most powerful voices in the world. She’s responsible for popular hits and Karaoke favorites such as “Heart Breaker,” “Fantasy,” “We Belong Together,” and “Love Takes Time” to name a few.

The Young Singer from Cebu

Who would have known that a Filipino guy has the same powerful voice that Mariah Carey has?

Kenny Dhave Carey
People who watched Kenny Dhave Carey’s video taught he was lip-synching at first. [Image Credit: Kenny Dhave Carey/Facebook]

Meet Kenny Dhave Carey (real name: Kenny Dhave Canedo), a young man from Cebu who possesses the same voice as the superstar and is making his mark in the mainstream community today. The videos of Kenny singing have gone viral and people cannot stop saying that his voice is similar to that of Mariah’s.

The Facebook user named Leonardo R. Santos, who uploaded Kenny’s videos first thought that he was just lip-synching. He tagged Vice Ganda of “Gandang Gabi Vice” and “It’s Showtime” hoping that Kenny will be granted a guest spot on the comedian’s show.

Watch the Video here:

Positive Response from Netizens

A lot of Netizens were surprised to hear Kenny’s voice. They were amazed and entertained because of its close resemblance to the superstar. They left positive comments and reactions for the young boy.

Netizens left positive remarks for the young singer. [Image Credit: Kenny Dhave Carey/Facebook]

Although Kenny Dhave Carey is not yet featured in “Gandang Gabi Vice,” Kenny posted through his social media account that he will be featured in “Rated K” on September 10.

Will this be the start of the young singer’s dream coming true? What do you think?

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