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We Have a New Queen: Karen Ibasco is Miss Earth 2017

She showcased both her beauty and brains during the contest.

Karen Ibasco of the Philippines was crowned as Miss Earth 2017. [Image Credit: ABS-CBN News]

  • The Philippines grabbed the crown again during the Miss Earth 2017.

  • Karen Ibasco, a licensed physicist, and professor won the crown.

  • She showed how intelligent she is during the Q&A portion.

Hail to the queen! The Philippines was able to bring home the bacon again with Miss Earth 2017.

[Image Credit: Karen Ibasco/Facebook]

The Philippines’ representative, Karen Ibasco, was in tears after she was named as Miss Earth 2017 during the coronation night held at the Mall of Asia Arena, last night, November 4.

The whole MOA Arena was filled with cheers and screams from Filipinos who cheered for Ibasco.

The new title holder is a combination of beauty and brains. [Image Credit: Rappler/Facebook]

Who is Karen Ibasco?

As a licensed physicist, Ibasco’s advocacy is to conserve energy as well as to embrace renewable and sustainable sources from Mother Earth. According to her profile on the Miss Earth website, she is half-Filipino and half-Chinese and a university instructor in Manila.

She is also proud to represent the Philippines in the prestigious competition.

“I am proud to represent the Philippines because we uphold camaraderie in every aspect of life. The adversities we encountered are a catalyst that made as a resilient nation today.”

“We are known in looking to the brighter side of every hardship never forgetting to put a smile in our faces because we believe that at the end it will be for our benefit as we look to the sovereign God in control of everything.”

[Image Credit: Karen Ibasco/Facebook]

Beauty and Brains

During the final Question and Answer portion, Ibasco was asked who or what she thinks is the biggest enemy of Mother Eart and why.

[Image Credit: Karen Ibasco/Facebook]

What she answered surprised but at the same time, delighted the audience and judges.

“I believe that the real problem in this world is not climate change. The real problem is us because of our ignorance and apathy. What we have to do is to start changing our ways, to start recalibrating our minds and redirecting our steps because together, as a global community, our micro-efforts will have a macro-effect to help save our home, our planet.”

The last time that the country brought home the crown was last 2015, as represented by Angelia Ong.

Other than the new Miss Earth, other contestants who grabbed the other elemental crowns were:

  • Nina Robertson (Australia) as Miss Earth Air 2017

  • Lada Akimova (Russia) as Miss Earth Fire 2017

  • Juliana Franco (Columbia) as Miss Earth Water 2017

The Philippines proved again that we have the most beautiful and most intelligent ladies on Earth. Congratulations, Miss Earth 2017 Karen Ibasco!


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