What is the Real Deal: Arci Muñoz Went Under the Knife to Improve?

Did Arci really go under the knife? [Image Credit: ramonathornes/Instagram]

True or False?

Kapamilya Star Arci Muñoz is one of the most controversial actors in the showbiz industry lately. This is because of the series of before and after photos and rumors that she changed her appearance: her nose in particular. This is ever since she started out.

Arci Muñoz started as a contestant in Starstruck. [Image Credit: PEP]

Old photos of the actress spread like wildfire on the internet recently. The photos, which was when she was still starting out in Starstruck, shows Muñoz with a flatter nose.

Admitting to the Controversies

Muñoz revealed that she was a terrible accident, resulting in her nose being reconstructed. During her days as a lead singer of a band, she was head banging in a concert when she accidentally hit her face on the microphone.

Even if she does not have any projects as of the moment, Muñoz’ life is constantly in the headlines. [Image Credit: ramonathornes/Instagram]

She went unconscious and had to be brought to the Emergency Room for assistance. The actress found out that the bridge of her nose had to be reconstructed because of the incident. Her left eye was also affected.

Cosmetic Surgery Allegations

Netizens were pointing out that Muñoz’ pout is a result of a cosmetic surgery. However, Muñoz explained that her signature pout is a result of her technique called “overlining” making her lips look fuller than normal.

Her pout is her signature feature. [Image Credit: ramonathornes/Instagram]

She revealed that she did nothing with her lips and the full pout is a result of lipsticks and lip liner that she and her makeup artists are carefully doing.

However, Muñoz also said that she is open about the matters of cosmetic surgeries and people do it all the time.

Nose Surgery?

Just recently, photos of Muñoz surfaced on Social Media where her nose is different from normal. Netizens were quick to conclude that the actress went under the knife to change her appearance.

Netizens quickly judged that Arci Muñoz went under the knife. [Image Credit: Kesha Kaye Lee/Facebook]

Others also expressed their disappointment that Muñoz is already beautiful and does not need to change anything anymore.

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