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Who are the Top Performing Candidates During the Miss Universe 2017 Preliminary Events?

Who do you think will win?

Who do you think will win the Miss Universe 2017 title? [Photo by Miss Universe]

  • The Miss Universe 2017 candidates showcased their wits, beauty, and grace during last night’s preliminary event.

  • Miss Universe is the most prestigious beauty pageant in the world.

  • Some of the candidates wowed the audience and the judges with their performances.

Everyone is excited about the upcoming Miss Universe. It won’t be long until we find out who among the beautiful and outstanding contestants will be crowned Miss Universe 2017.

Pia Wurtzbach crowning Miss Universe 2016 Iris Mittenaere. [Photo By Miss Universe]
Pia Wurtzbach crowning Miss Universe 2016 Iris Mittenaere. [Photo By Miss Universe]

The Most Prestigious Beauty Pageant

Miss Universe is no doubt the most highly coveted title in the world of beauty pageants. The best of the best from countries all over the world prepared and trained for several months, sometimes even for years, to get a chance to be crowned as the queen of the prestigious beauty pageant.

The new queen will be revealed on Sunday night.

During the Miss Universe preliminary events, contestants showcased their national costumes, swimsuits, and evening gowns. There was also a preliminary interview conducted to see who is the friendliest, funniest, wittiest, most intelligent, most charming, and the most genuine.

The preliminary interviews also showcased who is boring, inarticulate, and bland. Knowing the contestants through the interviews can influence the audiences and the judges’ perception of the candidate as they can give higher scores to those who left an impression.

Who do you think will make it to the top list?

Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Peru, and South Africa. [Photo by Miss Universe Organization]
Miss France, Great Britain, Honduras, Indonesia, and Puerto Rico. [Photo by Miss Universe Organization]

Best in National Costume

When it comes to national costumes, Asians and Latinas are taking this more seriously and are known to have lavish presentations that can translate to tourism revenues to their respective countries.

The fan favorites are:

  • Japan – Momoko Abe
  • Indonesia – Bunga Jelitha
  • Thailand – Maria Poonlertlarp
  • Myanmar – Zun Thansin
  • Venezuela – Keysi Sayago
  • Canada – Lauren Howe
  • Mexico – Denisse Franco
  • Nicaragua – Berenice Quesada
  • Spain – Sofia del Prado

Miss Vietnam in her National Costume. [Photo by VietNamNet/Facebook]
Miss Thailand in her National Costume. [Photo by Nick Verreos]
Miss South Africa in her National Costume. [Photo by seng12900/Youtube]
Miss Venezuela in her National Costume. [Photo by People]
Miss Korea in her National Costume. [Photo by Alamy]

Best in Swimsuit

Models and athletes with toned physiques surely have an advantage in this category. However, as what the Miss Universe Organisation says, the contestant who wholeheartedly embraces body positivity will grab the top spot.

Among with the best figures, those who have the best walks are:

  • Angola – Lauriela Martins
  • Brazil – Monalysa Alcântara
  • Colombia – Laura González
  • Croatia – Shanaelle Petty
  • Indonesia – Bunga Jelitha
  • Israel – Adar Gandelsman
  • Italy – Maria Polverino
  • Mexico – Denisse Franco
  • Peru – Prissila Howard
  • Philippines – Rachel Peters
  • Puerto Rico – Danna Hernández
  • Romania – Ioana Mihalache
  • Saint Lucia – Louise Victor
  • Spain – Sofia del Prado
  • South Africa – Demi Leigh Nel-Peters
  • Venezuela – Keysi Sayago

Miss USA during the swim suit competition. [Photo by Rappler]
Miss Philippines during the swim suit competition. [Photo by Rappler]
Miss Albania during the swim suit competition. [Photo by Rappler]
Miss Thailand during the swim suit competition. [Photo by Rappler]
Miss Russia during the swim suit competition. [Photo by Rappler]

Best in Long Gown

Indonesia, Philippines, Venezuela, and Spain clearly played the runway in this portion. They were graceful in their evening gowns and clearly showcased the talents of their gownmakers.

  • Australia – Olivia Rogers
  • Egypt – Farah Sedky
  • Finland – Michaela Söderholm
  • France – Alicia Aylies
  • Great Britain – Anna Burdzy
  • Korea – Sewhee Cho
  • Lebanon – Jana Sader
  • Malta – Tiffani Pisani
  • Nepal – Nagma Shrestha
  • Netherlands – Nicky Opheij
  • Poland – Katarzyna Włodarek
  • Russia – Ksenia Alexandrova
  • Sri Lanka – Christina Peiris
  • Tanzania – Lilian Maraule
  • Thailand – Maria Poonlertlarp
  • USA – Kára McCullough

Miss Philippines in her long gown. [Photo by Rappler]
Miss Vietnam in her long gown. [Photo by Rappler]
Miss Argentina in her long gown. [Photo by Rappler]

Who do you think among these beauties will be crowned Miss Universe 2017?


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