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Woman Born Without a Vagina Raised More than $15,000 for Surgery

A woman from Arizona was diagnosed with a rare disease. [Image Credit: Kaylee Moats/Facebook]

It makes me feel less of a woman because I can’t do what women are supposed to be able to do – Kaylee Moats

  • Kaylee Moats from Arizona has a rare condition: She doesn’t have a uterus and vaginal opening.

  • The 22-year-old wishes to undergo a $15,000 worth cosmetic surgery to make her dreams come true.

  • The GoFundMe campaign for her surgery already reached its target.

She’s diagnosed with a rare condition involving her reproductive organs. [Image Credit: Barcroft TV/Youtube]

A Woman’s Dream

Every woman’s dream is to have a child of their own. However, what will you feel if you cannot produce an offspring because of a deficiency in your body? That is exactly what is happening to Kaylee Moats from Gilbert, Arizona.

The 22-year-old woman was born without a vagina. She is hoping for a life-changing that will give her a chance to lose her virginity to her problem. But there is one problem: The surgery costs a fortune.

Moats wishes to make her dream come true: To feel like a woman. [Image Credit: Kaylee Moats/Facebook]
Moats wishes to make her dream come true: To feel like a woman. [Image Credit: Kaylee Moats/Facebook]Ky

When she was 18, she was alarmed that she’s not getting her period yet so she visited a gynecologist. When the doctors revealed the news that she doesn’t have a uterus, she was heartbroken and confused.

Moats revealed: “I was scared for the future because I didn’t know what’s coming up next and how I would be able to have my own family one-day.”

Her Only Wish

Ever since she was a teenager, she feared other people will know her condition and will mock her. The situation changed when she met her boyfriend Robbie Limmer who does not really care whether they have sexual contact in their relationship or not.

Her boyfriend doesn’t care whether they have sexual contact or not. [Image Credit: Kaylee Moats/Facebook]

During an interview with Daily Mail UK, Moats said: “It took about a month for me to tell him that I have MRKH. He was confused at first but supportive and said that it doesn’t change how he see’s me. He doesn’t really focus on the sexual side of our relationship because we can’t do anything since I don’t have a vaginal opening.”

The Surgery

Moats needs $15,000 to undergo the cosmetic surgery which will craft her a vaginal opening. The costly surgery that she will undergo will make her feel like a woman. Her boyfriend contributes $50 a month from his salary to help campaign for her surgery.

Only her family, boyfriend, and closest friends know about her condition. [Image Credit: Kaylee Moats/Facebook]

If she will not be able to raise the amount, she feels that it will bring a negative impact to her life. Getting the surgery will help her feel normal and have all of her right body parts as any other normal woman.

Moats also added that her vagina looks exactly how it should. However, her vaginal opening is replaced by a little-dimpled skin where the hole should be. She also added that she gets sharp pains in her ovaries and she ovulates like a normal woman.

GoFundMe Page

To help fund her cosmetic surgery, Moat’s sister, Amanda, launch a GoFundMe Page to help raise $15,000 for her.

The GoFundMe campaign set-up by her sister is a success. [Image Credit: GoFundMe]

As of August 27, the campaign already surpassed its goal of $15,000. Donations already reached $21,058, making Moat’s dream within her reach.

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