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X Factor’s 4th Impact Makes a Big Announcement for Fans

Are you excited for the girl group?

4th Impact made a huge announcement that excited fans. [Image Credit: 4thimpactmusic/Instagram]

  • 4th Impact of X Factor UK recently made an announcement.

  • The big reveal excited a lot of fans.

  • What is the big news revealed by the girl group?

The popular X Factor girl group 4th Impact just made a big announcement that will excite all fans.

[Image Credit: 4thimpactmusic/Instagram]

Who is 4th Impact?

Started off as 4th Power, the family from the Philippines flew halfway around the world to meet Simon Cowell and sing in the competition.

[Image Credit: 4thimpactmusic/Instagram]
The singers Almira, Irene, Mylene, and Celina Cercado, wowed the judges of the prestigious contest with their rendition of Bang Bang, which earned them a ticket to the live shows and a standing ovation from the audience and judges.

[Image Credit: 4thimpactmusic/Instagram]

Their dance moves, hair flicks, and rapping made the X Factor judges and the audience overwhelmed. Their video was one of the X Factor’s most-watched moments. 4th Impact left the X Factor judges speechless during their time with the show. They received nothing but positive comments from the four judges for their performances.

The Big Reveal

After their participation in X Factor, the group performed to different audiences around the world. But just this week, they posted their big announcement via Instagram.

Here’s our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT ❤️ #4thImpact

A post shared by 4TH IMPACT (@4thimpactmusic) on

We thank you for all your support and all your prayers, we know it’s been a long wait.

[Image Credit: 4thimpactmusic/Instagram]
The sisters revealed that they signed a deal with an American music company and that they are currently working on their own music.

Our own EP which you guys will be hearing so soon so thank you so much for all your support and prayers, without you guys we wouldn’t be here. Thank you so much!

[Image Credit: 4thimpactmusic/Instagram]
Fans of the Filipino sisters were very happy and congratulated the group on their new achievement.

Congratulations, 4th Impact! Can’t wait to hear your music! Are you happy and excited for them?


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