Xander Ford Asked Raffy Tulfo’s Help Against His Bashers and Their Threats

Xander Ford asked Raffy Tulfo’s help against his bashers. [Image Credit: News5Everywhere/Youtube]

  • Social Media star Xander Ford visited Raffy Tulfo to ask for his help against his bashers.

  • According to Xander Ford, the bashers are now threatening to kill him.

  • Before the show ends, Xander Ford and Dave Alvarez made amends.

Whether you like watching television or not, it is impossible for you not to know who know the Tulfo Brothers, especially Raffy Tulfo. After all, the broadcaster and TV host is a popular news icon who is not only delivering news and stories to people: He is also known as the fearless host of “Itembre Mo Kay Tulfo.”

Raffy Tulfo asked Xander Ford the complete story. [Image Credit: News5Everywhere/Youtube]

The Unexpected Guest

Most of the guests in the show are ordinary people with extraordinary or serious cases. Some of them were facing adultery. Others were facing some crisis with their employers or relatives while there were some who’s money got stolen by others.

However, there was a new twist in the show. Internet sensation Xander Ford (also known as Marlou Arizala before his surgery) went to the show. But instead of doing promotions, he asked the help of Raffy Tulfo against his online bashers, particularly Dave Alvarez.

Xander said that the bashers are threatening to kill him. [Image Credit: News5Everywhere/Youtube]

During the interview, Xander Ford said that he received malicious comments and threats after his video criticising Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo surfaced.

“Tanggap ko na, na mali ako. Tinanggap ko po yun, nagsosorry po ako. Sabi ko nega kung pwede lang lumuhod, luluhod aka sa kanya. Sobrang sakit lang po sakin kasi po parang kumbaga, wala ng place kung saan aka pepwesto kasi parang natatakot ako sa kanila dahil nga po yung mga comments po nila sakin na parang kapag nakita raw nila ako sa kanto, babarilin daw nila ako.”

Asking for forgiveness. [Image Credit: News5Everywhere/Youtube]

Xander’s Karma?

However, instead of consoling him, Raffy called the situation as “karma.” After listening to Xander’s story, the outspoken and fearless broadcaster advised him to apologize to the celebrities who he insulted in the video.

Sr. Insp. Cinco explaining Cyberbullying to the viewers. [Image Credit: News5Everywhere/Youtube]

He also told the viewers that being bashed is nothing new in being a celebrity. But he reiterated that serious threats should not be tolerated. They contacted Dave Alvarez, the person whom Xander named as the uploader of the viral video and one of his bashers.

He also clarified that his concern was about the video uploaded, which is one of the reasons netizens bashed and threatened him. Both parties resolved the issue by forgiving each other.

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