Xander Ford Calling Out Women and Homosexuals To Watch His Latest ‘Baby Shark’ Video

Did he really change?

Is there a meaning with his latest Facebook video? [Image Credit: Xander Ford/Facebook]

  • Xander Ford is currently facing issues not only with Ogie Diaz but also with his posts.

  • He was allegedly calling out women and homosexuals to watch his videos.

  • The former “Marlou Arizala” recently underwent a total physical transformation.

With his new face comes his new name. [Image Credit: Xander Ford/Facebook]

The entertainment scene is known for its stories of success, happiness, and of course, misunderstandings and trials. With great success also comes non-stop stories about you.

That is what is happening to now popular Xander Ford. His issue with famous star handler and media personality, Ogie Diaz, is making waves now. Fans cannot help but take their sides regarding the issue.

Is it true that he changed too? [Image Credit: Xander Ford/Facebook]

Not the Only Issue

However, it seems like it is not the only issue that Xander Ford is facing now. Apparently, the latest video he uploaded on his Facebook Page is another problem, too.

He was allegedly calling out women and homosexual men to watch his latest post.

The operation was a success. [Image Credit: Xander Ford/Facebook]

The former “Hasht5” member successfully transformed from his old self, Marlou Arizala to the online sensation Xander Ford after undergoing a complete physical transformation which included two cosmetic surgeries, eyebrow embroidery, teeth restoration, and eyelash extensions.

People were surprised to see his transformation when it was shown in “Rated K” last week.’

Rated K fully documented his transformation. [Image Credit: Xander Ford/Facebook]

The former boyband member underwent cosmetic surgery not only to enhance his face but also to put a stop to the bullying and online criticisms that he is getting from bashers online.

The Video

The recent video of Ford showed him dancing to the popular dance craze “Baby Shark.” However, the video had a caption of “Tag mo young Babae/Bakla Nakilala mo nang kiligin naman sila Another Musically Follow me guys. See you ASAP Chillout & Asap Live. thank you -Ig:@iamxanderford”

The netizens were not very happy to see this caption and pointed out that Xander is quite arrogant.

What do you think of this video? Do you think there’s something wrong with the caption?


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