Xander Ford Denies Accusations Hurled At Him By A Friend Of Ogie Diaz

Xander Ford Explains His Side Regarding The Accusations Of Ogie Diaz’ Friend

Xander Ford and Ogie Diaz
Xander Ford and Ogie Diaz

  • FXander Ford posts a status on his Facebook page denying the accusations on his inappropriate behavior.
  • Xander Ford denies the accusations of Ogie Diaz’ Friend.

Xander Ford became an overnight sensation after his transformation; from having an unappealing face to a “heartthrob” look. From being the simple Marlou Arizala he suddenly became the dashing Xander Ford.

Xander Ford Before and After
Xander Ford Before and After

There were mixed reactions on his new look and many have actually accused him of suddenly becoming overconfident As they say, the new face came with a negative change of attitude.

According to the friend of reporter-comedian Ogie Diaz, Xander has already been showing signs of arrogance long before his make-over. There was a time that Diaz even posted about a singer friend who noticed the behavior of Xander during one of their encounters.

Last night, Xander posted on his Facebook account; explaining his side on the accusations hurled at him by Ogie Diaz. He stressed out his side to Ogie Diaz and the people who have been misjudging him lately. He even reminisced the time when he would get bullied because of his appearance. Nonetheless, he apologized to the people who have been thinking that he had harmed them and even requested his followers to help his post reach Ogie Diaz by sharing his status.

Xander Ford Reaction on Ogie Diaz Statement
Xander Ford Reaction on Ogie Diaz Statement

The post of Xander got mixed reactions from the netizens with some of his fans giving their advice for him to more cautious when he posts a status. They also reminded him that being a public figure, he should always keep his feet on the ground and should always be wary of his actions.

One netizen commented that in his line of work, being an entertainer and public figure, there are people whose job is to criticize artists and he simply cannot stop them. If he doesn’t want to be criticized, he has to stop being an artist.

Xander Ford and Ogie Diaz
Xander Ford and Ogie Diaz

Being a public figure, entertainers should always be careful with their actions.

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