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Who is Xander Ford and Where is Marlou Arizala?

Did Marlou Arizala Underwent Facial Surgery?

Xander Ford photo via Facebook
Xander Ford photo via Facebook

  • Did Marlou Arizala Underwent Facial Surgery?
  • He’s set to go under the knife; say goodbye to Marlou.
  • Hello Xander; new face, brighter career?

What’s to be expected with this new chapter in Marlou Arizala’s life?

Numerous photos of him was seen throughout the internet wearing a hospital gown and his face especially his nose and chin have markers causing people to speculate that he will undergo cosmetic surgery to improve his features. A new Facebook page of a guy named Xander Ford also surfaced yesterday, September 4, setting off more speculations from netizens.

Marlou Arizala Plastic Surgery

A video of Marlou saying he will undergo surgery was uploaded on “Star Image Artist Management” official Facebook page.

Marlou even sent out a message to his fans saying, “Hi guys excited na ako sa operasyon sana maging maayos, sana wish me well po”.

New Face, New Name

“Marlou is dead!”, this was the caption of the photos of Marlou Arizala and Xander Ford (new Fan Page) that went viral with more than 2M views since it was aired. It also said, “The Old Marlou Has Died. Waiting New Marlou Arizala Arival at Your Screen. Popogi nakaya si Marlou Abangan”.

Marlou is Dead
Marlou is Dead

Marlou Arizala Transformation

For those who don’t know, Marlou Arizala is a former member of Hasht5, a famous group in social media platforms who posts their own version of hit songs of hot boy bands. He decided to leave the group in 2016 to catapult his career.

New Sander - photoshopped by Rose Anne Flores via Facebook
New Sander – photoshopped by Rose Anne Flores via Facebook

For some, his departure from the group spelled betrayal because he stated many times that he will never leave the group that made him very popular but he still went on his own way but for others, they can only be very happy for him since he is the most famous in the group and may be the only reason why people watch the group in the first place.

Xander Ford photo via Facebook
Xander Ford photo via Facebook

He became popular alongside Grae Fernandez and was included in videos with famous teen actress Liza Soberano.

Are you excited to meet the new Marlou Arizala?

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