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Young Girl, Giedie Laroco, Mesmerizes the Netizens. Why Is She Named “Celine Dion of the Philippines?” Watch this Viral Video!

Kids are extremely adorable, especially when they do possess great talents at a very young age.

A video of a young girl has recently gone viral over the Internet while singing one of Celine Dion’s powerful hits — the “Power of Love.” She is Giedie Laroco.

She won the hearts of many people on the web because of her near perfect version of the Dion’s song.

Joined the First Season of The Voice of the Philippines Kids Edition

She was only 13 years old when she auditioned for The Voice Kids Philippines First Edition. She became a member of Team Sarah when she did her own rendition of the song “Telephone.”

Upon uploading her video, it immediately garnered thousands of views from the netizens.

Young But with a Mature Talent

Yes, Giedie is still a young artist. However, you will surely be stunned when you get to watch some of her videos, including the one included in this post. Her mature talent is so evident that anyone who watches her would really want to crave for more of her songs.

In fact, many netizens agree that she can really be at par with the best singers in the world because of her mesmerizing and outstanding voice.

Without a doubt, this young lady has certainly a long way to go. If given more and more exposures and trainings from professionals, she could even be the next Sarah Geronimo of her generation.

What The Netizens Are Saying About This Young Girl

Joshua Cariño, on YouTube, commented this to Giedie’s video: “Holy cow, I’m so in love with her voice, ♥♥♥, more please!! :D”

“This little 14 year old gal from the Philippines , Miss Giedie Laraco does this Song so much better than Celine Dion ! Her voice is more Powerful and so amazing ! She sings circles around Celine Dion or anyone else ! Look out World , this young gal is going to be a Major Super Star!” BearStar also commented.

What do you think about this video? Post your comments below.


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