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  • Food Photography Tips from FoodPanda

    Foodpanda Food Photography Secrets Revealed

    Nowadays, everyone loves taking pictures of their food, whether it’s fiddling with filters to enhance images, or using special lenses for professional results – before actually digging in and enjoying a meal. But according to foodpanda, there are several even simpler tips to ensure masterful food photos without having to buy professional gadgets! 1. What […] More

  • Salmon Fish
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    3 Best Foods for Heart Health

    Health Tips: Best Foods for Heart Health Many people are now more health conscious than at any other time in the past. They might not be informed about everything concerning their health. However, most folks realize that they have to eat a well-balanced meal to obtain optimal health. This is especially true for maintaining a […] More

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    Food Stains Can Be Beautiful. For This Artist, It’s Just a Matter of Perspective

    When you accidentally spill your food or drink, you might feel the urgency to clean it up right away to avoid stubborn stains or to save your important things from getting wet. However, this Italian fine arts graduate is different. Giulia Bernardelli sees opportunities in food messes as she transforms the stains or drippings into […] More

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    5 Fruits and Vegetables You Should Never Refrigerate

    Early man used the hot sun, smoke and salt to preserve fruits and vegetables for coming harsh seasons. Today, the refrigerator is the perfect place to hide our foodstuff. We tend to take things a little too far especially when we tuck away every form of food we can lay our hand on into the […] More

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    This Little Girl Refuses to Eat “Chopped Up Animal People”

    Explaining the food pyramid or the order of food chain to kids can sometimes be very challenging. Indie rose, a 5-year-old girl from Dublin, Ireland, captured the netizens’ heart when she was filmed bursting into tears at their dinner table. While helping her dad in preparing dinner, the little girl was horrified when she saw […] More

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    LOOK: 10 Amazing Food Creations That Tell A Story

    We you are a Millennial or not, you have to admit, taking photos of food before you eat has become part of our routine. Some people dislikes it but who hates seeing well plated food on Facebook or Instagram? Study shows that food shots are the most liked photos on Instagram and thats the reason […] More