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    Cute No More: Teen’s Face Damaged After P500 Collagen Injection

    An 18-year old teenager is suing a certain nurse who injected his face with fake collagen. Elouie filed a complaint against a nurse named Kachika for “illegal practice of medicine”. Two years ago, Elouie had a cute face but decided to improve it by undergoing a nose and cleft chin enhancement procedure. Watch the GMA Unang […] More

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    8 Simple Tips to help you Lose Weight

    Tips to help you Lose Weight Losing the excess fat is simple if you understand how to start it. Listed below are some simple tips that will assist you in shedding some pounds. Keep on reading. 1. Set an objective What’s your goal? Why would you like to eliminate some fat? Do you want to […] More

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    7 Surprising Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

    Weight Loss Tips: Surprising Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight We know that inadequate exercise and unhealthy eating habits are the main reasons why we are not losing weight, but could there be more surprising reasons for this struggle? Each year more medical researchers have discovered a variety of new reasons why weight loss does not […] More

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    3 Best Foods for Heart Health

    Health Tips: Best Foods for Heart Health Many people are now more health conscious than at any other time in the past. They might not be informed about everything concerning their health. However, most folks realize that they have to eat a well-balanced meal to obtain optimal health. This is especially true for maintaining a […] More

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    Would You Touch This Poster If You Know That It is HIV Positive?

    HIV education plays a very significant role in the world’s battle to end a terrifying epidemic. However, HIV awareness is not only for the purpose of preventing people from acquiring the virus but for everyone to reduce stigma and discrimination. Launched by Ogilvy Brazil for the NGO Life Support Group (GIV), this brilliant and powerful […] More

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    They Asked Colorblind People to Wear These Special Glasses, What Happened Next was Amazing

    Color plays an important part in our lives. Aside from its beauty, it also has meaning and function that make our daily activities easier and more satisfying. It is hard to imagine a world wherein almost every color looks the same and almost everything around is gray. Colorblind people live their life unaware that color […] More

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    Here’s the Tragedy that Made Colorado & New Mexico Declare States Of Emergency

    Home to many species of animals and plants, the clear water of Animas River turned bright yellow on August 5, Wednesday after a crew of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) workers accidentally released 3 million gallons of waste water from an abandoned mine shaft in Silverton, Colorado. Containing heavy metals including more than 300x times the […] More

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    WATCH: This Guided Meditation Will Help You Deal With Life’s Imperfections

    Sometimes, we just need 2-3 minutes of peace and quiet to escape from the harsh realities of our imperfect lives. This short video titled F*ck That: A Guided Meditation by freelance video creator Jason Headley teaches you how to clear your head of everyday problems, gain back your balance and most importantly, be in harmony […] More