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    Hope During the Dark Days: Mary Joy Tabal’s Victory is the Country’s Victory

    The Marathon Queen Mary Joy Tabal, known as the “Marathon Queen” of the Philippines gave the country a reason to be happy about after the bad and sad news happening. Tabal earned the first gold medal for the country last 2017 Southeast Asian Games after she gave a dominant performance in the women’s marathon last […] More

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    Christiano Ronaldo Calls Suspension “Persecution”; Nominated for Best FIFA Men’s Player Award

    Suspension of the Star Captain The Spanish Super Cup for Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo has been interesting. However, after the ending of the Super Cup, the official suspension has been handed down to the player as well. He will be suspended for five games for Los Blancos after getting two yellow cards and for […] More

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    Pacquiao for President: Coach Roach Thinks Manny Should Focus on His Life as Politician

    Manny Pacquiao for President? It is not a secret how talented Manny Pacquiao really. His countless fights inside the boxing ring which earned him multiple world titles and countless fans and supporters. He was also recognized as a boxing legend which earned the respects not only from Filipinos but from people worldwide. He was also […] More

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    Neymar Tells FC Barcelona That He is Leaving the Team for PSG

    Leaving the FC Barcelona Brazilian soccer star Neymar’s record-breaking €222 million (about $263 million) transfer to the French team Paris Saint-Germain is moving a step closer when FC Barcelona stated that he will leaving the team. Switching Teams Accompanied by his father and agent, Neymar gave his team last Wednesday morning is intentions to leave. […] More

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    Watch As This Man Cheats Death on the Most Insane Wingsuit Flight Ever

    Extreme sports are for people who love adventures with high level of inherent danger. It differs with traditional sports in terms of the risks involve due to the number of uncontrollable environmental variables and conditions. A poorly executed activity could result to serious physical harm to the athlete. Wingsuit Flying or wingsuiting is an extreme […] More

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    This Daredevil’s Crazy Jump is the New High-Dive World Record

    There are certain people who love to take risks and live for excitement. They despise boredom and predictability and they defy logic and reasoning if there need be just to feel the need for speed, adrenaline rush and the thrill of doing the extremes. We call them daredevils. Meet Brazilian-Swiss extreme athlete Laso Schaller, the […] More

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    This Father’s Heartbreaking Speech Tells a Great Story Of Love & Perseverance

    Perseverance is a person’s continuous effort to rise from a hard fall, to learn after committing mistakes and to go on living despite the pain. This video features NFL star Devon Still as he accepts the Jimmy V Perseverance Award on behalf of his cancer-stricken daughter, Leah Still. On the night of July 15, 2015, […] More

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    Who Says You Need to Have Legs to Become a Gymnastic Champion?

    Thinking that you can’t do something, without even trying, is a severe type of disability that suppresses one’s true potential. Developing your abilities is your obligation to yourself. Meet Jennifer Bricker, the woman who doesn’t have the word “can’t” in her vocabulary. Her biological parents abandoned her the day she was born due to her […] More