Colon Cancer Is Not A Simple Illness – Check Out The Symptoms

Know The Symptoms of Colon Cancer – This Will Help You

Know The Symptoms of Colon Cancer
Know The Symptoms of Colon Cancer

  • Colon cancer does not show symptoms at once.
  • Knowing the symptoms of colon cancer will help you treat it better.

The colon is one of the vital organs in the body. There are times that you already have colon cancer but still unaware of it. It would be much better if you will be aware of the symptoms to be given a better diagnosis and prevention if possible.

Fatigue or unexplained weakness - Colon Cancer
Fatigue or unexplained weakness – Colon Cancer

Though it is not exactly clear what really causes colon cancer, the doctors say that this cancer hits you if the healthy cells in your colon develop some errors in their DNA. The healthy cells develop and divide in an orderly manner to keep the normal function of the body.

When the DNA of the cells are damaged and becomes cancerous the cells will continue to divide even though there is no need yet for new cells. As these cells accumulate, they will form into a tumor. In time, the cancer cells will grow to plague and tear down the normal tissues thus the cancerous cells can now travel to other body parts.

The symptoms of colon cancer are;

  • Fatigue or unexplained weakness
  • Blood in your stool or bleeding in your rectum
  • Change in the consistency of the stool or change in bowel habits like constipation and diarrhea
  • Feeling that the bowel can’t be emptied completely
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Persistent abdominal discomfort such as pain, gas or cramps.

Many among those affected with colon cancer show very little or almost no symptom at all. Most of the time, the symptoms appear when it is already at a serious stage.

Know The Symptoms of Colon Cancer
Know The Symptoms of Colon Cancer

Know when to see your doctor. If you notice any of the symptoms or changes in your stool, you should make an appointment with your doctor at once. Generally, screenings for colon cancer start at the age of 50. The doctor will recommend an earlier screening if you have risk factors; if there is a history in the family or if there are very significant symptoms.


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