Elementor Expedites the Launch of ‘Experts’ Network for Professional Web Creators to Bolster Their Online Business in the Face of the Coronavirus Crisis

Elementor’s new discovery network empowers the members of its global community, enabling them to collaborate and grow their businesses through sharing their portfolios and services with Elementor peers in 152 countries

TEL AVIV, Israel, March 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Elementor, the leading WordPress website builder platform, announced today the launch of Elementor Experts, a discovery network that allows Elementor’s subscribers to offer up their skills, expertise and project portfolios as developers, designers and marketers in the era of COVID-19. Still in beta mode, Elementor accelerated the launch ahead of schedule to enable its community members to join together to handle the unprecedented blow caused by the coronavirus to pro web creators, freelancers and small businesses.

Elementor's Experts platform in action.
Elementor’s Experts platform in action.

Elementor originally planned on launching ‘Experts’ on its fourth anniversary in June as a premium service to its top-tier Expert customer base only. Recognizing the turmoil the coronavirus has caused web creators, Elementor has made the service available ahead of schedule to all pro plan holders free of charge for the duration of this crisis.

Since launching in 2016, over 4.5 million websites have been built utilizing Elementor’s platform making it the fastest growing web builder available. Elementor’s open-source, drag-and-drop platform is used by development, design and marketing professionals in 152 markets across the globe, looking to build stunning, optimized professional websites. Elementor’s brand has been characterized by its global legion of passionate users who have formed a fast-growing and vibrant community around the platform.

"Our community, who we refer to as ‘Elementors’, is facing unprecedented challenges and uncertainty and we feel an obligation to stand beside them in this time," said Yoni Luksenberg, CEO of Elementor. "The tech and marketing sector is potentially looking at massive layoffs with warnings of a 20% unemployment rate up ahead. With freelancers and small business owners particularly vulnerable, we’ve launched a platform to help our community adjust to the new reality and not just survive but actually thrive."

Elementor Experts lets subscribers populate their profile with their skills, work portfolio and rates while web creators and site owners seeking to complete a project can discover and connect with the very best designers, WordPress experts, marketers and developers.

"With the current upheaval and uncertainty, we see Elementor Experts as a crucial tool to redirect our subscribers to areas that are seeing unparalleled demand for web creators including eCommerce, education, conferencing and virtual communities. Experts unleash the power of the Elementor community to help skilled web professionals pivot to markets where there is a real and urgent need," added Luksenberg.

About Elementor

Elementor is the leading website builder platform on WordPress. Serving over 4.5 million websites, Elementor serves a rapidly growing customer base of web professionals including web developers, designers, and marketers in 152 markets, and boasts a new website created every 10 seconds on its open-source platform. Elementor’s mission is to radically simplify web building, enabling web professionals and agencies to unleash their creative and business potential. For more information visit or follow us on Facebook.

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