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Google Glass Is Being Used to Help Kids With Autism

Google has already stopped producing the product, but researchers are now finding new means of utilizing it

  • Google Glass was a product by Google that was supposed to become a “smart eyewear”
  • Google has stopped selling the product when the fear of privacy issues started spreading
  • Researchers are now using the product and developing apps for it to help those with autism

Google has produced numerous products in the past few years. Some have been very popular, and some had a bit of fame, but was quickly discontinued. One of these products was the Google Glass.

The Google Glass was a eyewear accessory that is supposed to turn your eyeglasses into a “smart eyeglass.” It had small display screen on it and a camera that is mounted onto it as well. It would allow you to make calls and you can use Google and do searches, open emails, etc.

Google Glass to help those with autism
The Google Glass. Image credit:

Due to numerous concerns regarding the product, including the concern of privacy, it was discontinued in 2015. Numerous reports mentioned that a newer version is being developed but will only be used for corporations, and is being called the “Enterprise Edition.”

Other people found new uses for the Google Glass, though. From a report made by ABS-CBN, they showed that researchers are developing apps for the device that can help those with autism. Software developers made apps for use with the Google Glass that helps recognize faces and facial expressions, and it would give a notification that only the wearer would be able to see. This helps them know if they are looking at someone that is angry, sad, or happy.

Google Glass to help those with autism
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Catalin Voss was developing apps for Google Glass before, and had started work on an app to recognize faces to help out a cousin who had autism. Now, he is working with Stanford professor Dennis Wall, who works on autism research, to further develop the app.

There are also other companies that are developing tools to help those with autism. Brain Power has been working in a similar app as well.

The Google Glass might be considered a “failed product” by some, but with the right software, it may provide help in a different way.


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