eMeet Luna Speakerphone: The New Generation Technology Perfect for Multi-People Conference

SHENZHEN, China, July 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — eMeet is a high-tech innovation and startup brand, which is committed to the research and development of intelligent voice, intelligent image and natural language processing. eMeet fulfills the concept of "scientific and technological innovation" and indeed used its innovation of artificial intelligence into every product since it started up. Its products such as OfficeCore M2, OfficeCore M220 and HD C980 Camera, AI Smart Speakerphone have helped many people around the world to work better and to study better. Recently it released a new generation speakerphone – eMeet Luna.

eMeet Luna Speakerphone: The New Generation Technology Perfect for Multi-People Conference
eMeet Luna Speakerphone: The New Generation Technology Perfect for Multi-People Conference

eMeet Luna has some technical improvement and hardware updates based on eMeet OffficeCore M220. The eMeet Luna Speakerphone is considered as one of the best speakerphone of 2020 by CNET. Forbes also reviewed its technical innovation in voice pickup and noise reduction. Someone says that it has its own exclusive advantages and enough potential to gain the bigger market share in speakerphone field.

At the first sight, Luna is simple and sleek. It comes with high-quality full metal and matte-color shell, which matches most office design and business style. And the device is small and lightweight, users can carry it anywhere.

One of the most noteworthy technology is the self-developed one-click switch AI noise reduction mode of Luna. That is also the important point of technology that Kols are interested in. Luna developed echo cancellation, built-in algorithm, far field pickup and Voice IA noise reduction. eMeet’s voiceIA technology and intelligent AI algorithm can suppress irritating background noises like air conditioning, keyboard tapping, or other noises that can spoil a phone call, which ensures an imersive sound in a meeting. Besides, the eMeet Luna does sound clear and loud, because it can calculate how far away a background noise is and then automatically adjusts its call volume to make conversation voices clearer.

Equipped with 3 microphone arrays, Luna enhanced its 360° far field pickup function. Combined with the self-developed Voice IA algorithm, it delivers clear and fluent conversation in 6-8 attendees’ small-scale remote conferences. If daisy-chained with other eMeet speakerphones, it can support up-to-12 participants in a remote meeting.

In terms of compatibility and connection, it’s also versatile to meet different needs. Luna can be a wireless device over Bluetooth connection, users can also use the included cable and plug the microphone via USB to the PC, other audio sources like AUX, or use Luna’s own Bluetooth USB dongle. The dongle helps the device quickly and easily to connect and allow use with any computer. Meanwhile, it is perfectly compatible with various mainstream platforms, including Zoom, Skype for Business, WebEx, Teams, Goto Meeting, Google Hangout, Facetime, etc. And for devices, Win7/8/10 or Mac OS could be easily connected with it.

eMeet Luna as the latest full-duplex smart speakerphone has a best value under $100, while other similar products having such advanced functions in the market are sold for up to $200. Hence, the eMeet Luna is undoubtly the most value-efficient and affordable high-end smart speakerphone in the market. The conference microphone is a perfect choice for multi-people meeting to improve the audio experience.

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