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How to Enroll in Food and Beverage Services NC II TESDA Course

TESDA Food and Beverage Services NC II in the Philippines

Food and Beverage Services NC II TESDA Course

Food and Beverage Services NC II TESDA Course

Manila, Philippines – The Food and Beverage Service NC II Course is one of the most in-demand courses that is offered by TESDA.

Obtaining an NC (National Certificate) II for Food and Beverage Services (FBS) is a qualification that will land you entry-level jobs in hotels (both local and overseas), cruises, and other establishments that serve food, especially in tourism hotspots.

Food and Beverage Services NC II TESDA Course
Food and Beverage Services NC II TESDA Course

The demand for waiters, servers, and people in the food and beverage industry is expected to increase with the reopening of tourism in a post-pandemic world.

In this article, we‘ll discuss the details of the Food and Beverage Services NC II TESDA course and how you can apply for this course.

Food and Beverage Services NC II Course Details

This course will teach you everything you need to know about providing food and beverage services to guests in parties, hotels, function halls, resorts—basically any establishment that offers food and beverages.

These services include welcoming guests, taking orders, promoting food and beverages, and accommodating to the needs and wants of your guests.

It starts with lessons about kitchen procedures and protocols, how to properly maneuver in and out of the kitchen and the serving area, s well as responsibilities in the food and beverage department.

Another aim of this course is to teach students how to mix drinks and properly handle a bar, as well as the proper addressing of requests and concerns by clients.

The maximum required hour for this course is 336.

This course, like most TESDA courses, is administered through a modular type of teaching. In which, you, as the student, can learn at your own pace and instructors will allot a certain amount of time for you to improve your skills and give feedback.

The modules are accompanied by on-hand personal instructions, self-paced practice sessions, and group discussions. After every completion of a module, you will be assessed through different means, either by oral or written exams, observations, or on-hand skill assessments.

One important skill that you must already have a good foundation on is basic English communication. During on the job training of this course, you will be assigned to hotels, restaurants, motels, and so on, where the basic means of communication is English.

There are many ways you can improve prior to your FBS NC II TESDA course enrollment. There are TESDA institutions that offer a course on the English language, there is also the internet and YouTube videos, you also have the option of learning through Hollywood movies. It‘s best if the movies have subtitles in them for you to follow effectively.

How to enroll for Food and Beverages Services NC II TESDA Course

Before actually enrolling for this TESDA course, please first ensure that you meet the following basic requirements:

  • Can communicate in English, both through written and oral means
  • Has completed at least 10 years of schooling
  • Can perform basic mathematical computations

These are the TESDA standard requirements. However, schools and institutions may ask for additional requirements, especially if they are private-owned.

Here are the following steps in enrolling for an FBS NC II TESDA Course:

  • Go to
  • On the right side of the webpage, click on “Registered Programs” within the roster of quick links web pages.
  • Search for “Food and Beverage Services NC II” course.
  • Look for a school near you that offers the course Food and Beverage Services NC II. This can be done by simply typing in your name and your location. Do not input anything for the “school” box.
  • The search results will present you all the possible schools and institutions near you that are offering Food and Beverage Services NC II course.
  • Call or go to the suggested schools and institutions regarding the school requirements.
    Narrow down your choice of school to one, according to how the school suits you, as you see fit.
  • Follow the necessary instructions of your school for enrollment in the Food and Beverage Services NC II course.

And you‘re done! You‘re now ready for your Food and Beverage Services NC II TESDA Course!

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