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Huawei Mate 30 Series to be Revealed on September 19

The Chinese phone company will be showing off their newest flagship phone after they had a sales ban in the United States.

  • Huawei will be revealing their new Mate 30 series phones on September 19 in Munich, Germany
  • Before the reveal, they will also show off their new Kirin processor on September 6
  • This is the first big reveal by the Chinese phone company after the trade ban that the United States implemented on them

Huawei is one of the biggest names in regards to new cellphone technology until now. They have been toe-to-toe with big names like Samsung and even Apple regarding innovations in terms of processing speed, screen size, and camera. One of their latest models, the P30, can boast of a 50x magnified zoom, which is not seen in any other camera phone.

Back in May, though, Huawei was put in a “trade blacklist” by the United States because of the possible threat that their devices are being used to spy on the country. This then made some brands to stop supporting the company, including Google.

Huawei to make a new phone model series reveal months after they had a trade ban from the United States

Losing Google’s support was a big blow during that time, as Huawei phones all used the Android operating system, which is provided and supported by Google. This meant that all new phones from Huawei may not have the said operating system.

A few weeks after that, the ban was lifted temporarily but it was still unsure if it will be taken off altogether.

With that in mind, there have been a few speculations regarding how Huawei will launch their new smartphone.

Huawei to reveal the Mate 30 series on September 19
Image credit: @HuaweiMobile/Twitter

Through a Tweet, Huawei teased that they will reveal their new flagship phone models, the Mate 30 series, on September 19 at Munich. Before that, they’ve also Tweeted that they will show their latest Kirin processors on September 6.

Huawei to reveal the Mate 30 series on September 19
Image credit: @HuaweiMobile/Twitter

In the Tweet for the Mate 30 series, they’ve teased a circular image, which may possibly indicate that they will show off a new camera in the new models.

It is still unclear whether the Mate 30 series will have the Android operating system, but it was revealed back in August that they already have the HarmonyOS which is said to be able to compete with Android and iOS.

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