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Huawei Phone Owners Offered “Special Warranty” if Apps Stopped Working

The “Special Warranty” was offered weeks after Google announced that they will stop support for new Huawei phones.

  • Google announced that they will suspend support for Huawei phones following the announcement from US President Donald Trump that they are adding the phone company to a trade blacklist
  • Current Huawei phone owners are not affected, but this impacts the new phone models that are to be released
  • Huawei and local retailers are to issue a “Special Warranty” if ever apps in their phones would suddenly stop working

Manila, Philippines – Cellphones are still the hottest gadget to sell nowadays. New models are always sought after, with faster processors and better cameras. Huawei is a Chinese cellphone brand that slowly became popular for being both powerful and fairly affordable, but they have been in hot water for the past few weeks.

Huawei Special Warranty Offers '100% Refund If Google And Facebook Stop Running

Huawei has been accused of causing security issues for quite some time which the company has denied. Because of this, US President Donald Trump has called to place Huawei in a trade blacklist which in effect prevents any Huawei product for entering the United States.

Following this, numerous companies also has stopped providing support for Huawei. This also includes Google, which means their phones will not get any updates since they use the Android operating system.

This has caused a scare for a lot of Huawei phone owners. Huawei has given an assurance that all current phone holders will still get support and the current ban may only affect phone that are to be released.

Just recently, Huawei, along with other retailers, has started to offer what they called the “Special Warranty.

What this means is if current Google apps (Play Store, Gmail, YouTube, etc.), Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp all stop working in your Huawei phone, you’ll be given a full refund.

huawei phone owners given a special warranty
A sample advertisement of the Huawei Special Warranty. Image credit: IntoGadgets/Facebook

Based on an article published by Yugatech, numerous Philippine-based retailers are already offering the Special Warranty on their site. They have listed some that will offer the said warranty:

  • MemoXpress
  • Rulls
  • IntoGadgets
  • FoneRange
  • TekPhone
  • Presnet
  • Intellicom
  • TechnoMobile
Retailers promises full refunds if Facebook and Google stop working on Huawei devices
Retailers promises full refunds if Facebook and Google stop working on Huawei devices

Additional information from Yahoo! Philippines state that the warranty will run for 2 years after the date of purchase. Huawei confirmed the special warranty but did not mention if this is also offered to those that are outside of the Philippines.

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