Asia Online Launches On-Demand Virtual Event Platform

The future of events is online – AOPG’s platform will support a new era of online, on demand, and live physical event amplification.

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, May 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Asia Online Publishing Group Sdn Bhd is pleased to announce the launch of, a web-based platform for building on-demand online virtual events.

Melina Hwang, GM at Asia Online Publishing Group Sdn Bhd
Melina Hwang, GM at Asia Online Publishing Group Sdn Bhd

Specifically created with high tech companies in mind, AOPG Virtual Events is a platform that allows companies to quickly build online events that replicate the content and structure of offline, face to face events.

Developed with three clear use cases in mind, this event platform enables organisations to create free-standing self- contained virtual on-demand online events to engage geographically dispersed attendees.

The platform also enables virtual real-time amplification of traditional in-person face to face physical events by live streaming each of your presentation tracks to replicated virtual presentation rooms on our platform.

Finally, it can be used to create and facilitate a training or workshop event with curated training materials and access to course tutors all available through the event platform.

Melina Hwang, General Manager at Asia Online Publishing Group, explained, "Our Online Event Platform is not a reaction to the sudden impact of COVID-19. It’s true to say with most offline events being cancelled or postponed for the foreseeable future, many companies are looking for ways to create online virtual versions of the face to face events that have had to go on hold. However, this project kicked off for us even before the pandemic occurred.

It’s a strategic direction for us, and one of the use cases for the platform is to provide a live virtual amplification of face to face physical events. That’s something we look forward to in the future when our customers dive back into face to face events and use this platform for live virtual amplification."

AOPG is already the publisher of some of the region’s leading focused IT news portals such as, and Organisations that use the virtual events platform will also have the advantage of promoting their event to readers of these portals.

Optimistic about the future, Melina added, "We know these are challenging times, but AOPG has been able to react quickly to the sudden changes. We have been lucky that many clients have increased their activity with AOPG because we are a ‘born in digital’ publisher that is able to reach out to audiences despite the current situation.

An important factor for digital publishers is about the depth rather than breadth of interaction. Our AOPG Virtual Event Platform is another way we enable deep interaction with readers and is in line with our strategy that continues to build value for our readers and business partners."

Melina continued, "I am pleased to share that at launch, we already have two global vendors signed up up to run on-demand events with us and we look forward to launching their virtual events in the next few weeks."

At a time when traditional publishers are struggling to find relevancy, Asia Online Publishing Group continues to grow and expand. We do not doubt that the coming months are likely to put a strain on all businesses. Still, we intend to continue to execute our strategy of delivering focused, targeted digital content with constant evolution to meet the needs of a challenging but ever-transforming market."

About Asia Online Publishing Group.

As ASEAN’s leading Specialist IT news specialist publisher, AOPG currently operates websites covering enterprise tech topics ranging from data, storage, cloud, cybersecurity, AI and disruptive technology. Our portals include specialist, and These portals are supported by, the technology definitions website and, a technical eBook library. The company also runs AOPG Insights, a premium B2B research business unit of AOPG. 

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