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Ban of Flavored Vaping Products To Be Implemented in More Places in the US

New York is following the footsteps of Michigan, which is also connected to President Donald Trump’s move on banning flavored vaping products.

  • There have been recent reports in the United states that there have been six confirmed deaths and more than 300 illnesses that can be contracted with the use of e-cigarettes
  • US President Donald Trump has announced that his administration is looking into implementing a ban of flavored vaping products
  • New York has recently announced that they are implementing a similar ban in their state following a similar announcement made by Michigan

Electronic cigarettes and vape has been a popular alternative for actual cigarettes nowadays. It’s easy to bring along with you, and is battery-powered so there will be no worry of fire or ashes. In some cases, the e-juice that you’ll be using with it can also help a person with gradually quitting smoking altogether. The e-juice as well can have different kinds of flavors that the user can enjoy, but it looks like vape users in the United States may get a limited choice soon.

certain US states to ban flavored vaping products
Vaping is the alternative to smoking that a lot of people are using now

It was recently announced that US President Donald Trump is going to give out more guidelines in regards to banning flavored e-cigarettes. This is to follow the report made by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention regarding six deaths and more than 300 diseases that can be attributed to the use of vaping products. It is also noted that the diseases may be from the use of counterfeit or home-mixed e-juice.

certain US states to ban flavored vaping products
US states are looking into implementing a ban against flavored e-cigarette products

Numerous states have also set their own ban, with the worry as well that such flavored products would attract the youth to start using them. New York is one of the places that are starting the ban, following the announcement made by the state of Michigan. California has also recently proposed a similar ban of e-cigarette products in their state.

certain US states to ban flavored vaping products
The ban for flavored e-cigarette flavors also stem to the possibility that young people may get attracted to try using vape because of it.

In addition, US senators are also looking into banning the sale of vaping products through online market. It has been seen that eBay has a listing of such products. Though some that are sold in eBay are legit products, there are also counterfeit ones that are dangerous to the body when inhaled.

The ban would be for flavored vaping products, but not all. In New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s statement, in their state they are planning to ban all flavors except tobacco and menthol.


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