Kim Chiu and Her “Rocket Gown” for Star Magic Ball 2019 Turned Into a Meme

Her unique Filipiñana dress was “reimagined” by netizens and placed in different situations.

  • The Star Magic Ball 2019 was held on September 14, with a lot of celebrities being able to attend
  • The theme for this year is Modern Filipiñana, and Kim Chiu went to the event in a unique dress
  • Netizens took notice of the dress and had edited her wearing the dress in different places and situations

Manila, Philippines – The Star Magic Ball this year was held on September 14 and it was done at Shangri-La at The Fort. This year’s theme is Modern Filipiñana, with many attendees showing off their dresses for the occasion. One of the attendees is Kim Chiu.

Kim Chiu became part of Star Magic and has had numerous TV and movie appearances after being a contestant, and winning, Pinoy Big Brother when she was 16 years old. Along with acting, she also released a few music albums.

Kim Chiu attended the Star Magic Ball wearing a Filipiñana-inspired dress, which had a huge blooming accent at the bottom part of it.

Kim Chiu wearing her gown for Star Magic Ball 2019. Image credit: Luxini Ramos Online Page/Facebook

The dress itself was impressive, but netizens saw an opportunity and made a few “adjustments” with her picture.

A few pictures were seen in a Facebook page, uploaded in an online shop page, “Luxini Ramos Online Page” that shows her and was was dubbed as her “Rocket Gown.”

Kim used as munition
Table napkins by Kim
kim chiu's gown for star magic turned into a meme
Kim wraps
kim chiu's gown for star magic turned into a meme
The Rocket Gown
kim chiu's gown for star magic turned into a meme
Cupcake icing
kim chiu's gown for star magic turned into a meme
Turned into a shuttlecock

The post itself went viral, getting over 16,000 reactions and was shared more than 22,000 times as of this writing.

This isn’t the first time that an actress’s image was Photoshopped in different situations. A few months back, Dimples Romana’s character Daniela Mondragon from the show Kadenang Ginto was shown to walk the street wearing a red dress and pulling a matching red luggage in a trailer for their new season. Netizens took the image and the meme “Daniela Mondragon walks everywhere” was created.

Daniela with Captain America
Daniela with Captain America

There has been no reaction yet from Kim regarding the meme but we hope that she, along with who designed her gown, would be a good sport regarding the said images.


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