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Italian Doctor Positive of Coronavirus, 1,000 Hotel Guests Were Put Under Quarantine

The doctor was with his wife and were on vacation in Tenerife.

  • An Italian doctor was tested positive of the Coronavirus after he voluntarily had himself tested when he was not feeling well
  • The doctor was staying at a hotel in Tenerife, which in effect had 1,000 guests put under quarantine after
  • The President of the Canary Islands has announced through a Tweet that necessary protocols have been started regarding this discovery

The Coronavirus is still hitting headlines everywhere. From being an “unknown virus” that came from Wuhan, China, it suddenly had spread throughout the country and affected other places as well such as South Korea, Japan, Singapore, and even the United States. Quarantine and prevention is still encouraged, but it appears that in one place, an entire hotel was affected.

Italian doctor tested positive of coronavirus 1000 hotel guests under quarantine
Costa Adeje Palace Hotel. Image credit:

From a report, an Italian doctor went on vacation in Tenerife with his wife and after not feeling well, he voluntarily had himself tested, and was then found that he was positive of the Coronavirus. This case became the third occurrence in Spain, and the second one in the Canary Islands, with the first coming from a German citizen, who has long since been discharged.

The Italian doctor who was positive of the Coronavirus was staying at the Costa Adeje Palace Hotel, and in turn, the entire hotel complex, along with its 1,000 guests, are put under quarantine. Security forces of the state are now on guard, preventing anyone from entering and leaving the area.

The President of the Canary Islands, Angel Victor Torres, has responded to this via a Tweet, saying that “necessary protocol has been activated.”

Italian doctor tested positive of coronavirus 1000 hotel guests under quarantine
Image credit: @avtorresp/Twitter

The Italian doctor is now staying at the University Hospital Nuestra Señora de La Candelaria, where the first test was done and he was tested positive of the Coronavirus. A second test will be done and it will be sent to the Carlos III Institute in Madrid.


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