Korea’s Dr Clo makes timely Malaysian debut

Portable sterilisation device customised for every household need is FDA (US) certified

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, June 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ —  After selling out over 1.5 million units to households across Asia in 2019, Dr Clo has made its debut in Malaysia and is now available on the shelves of selected pharmacies and via e-commerce platforms.

Dr Clo Sterilisation Devices are available in four variants for Home, Bathroom, Refrigerator and Car.
Dr Clo Sterilisation Devices are available in four variants for Home, Bathroom, Refrigerator and Car.

An innovation from South Korea’s NON Corporation, these multi-purpose patented portable sterilisation devices are customised for use in various aspects of modern lifestyles. It is the only liquid-based Chlorine Dioxide product in the world certified by the US Food and Drug Agency (FDA). Chlorine Dioxide is a key agent to sterilise, sanitise and disinfect viruses and pathogens in a matter of seconds.

The product has also been widely tested in both Korea and Japan and is registered as a safe product for use in the general living spaces.

Its debut in Malaysia is timely, given the heightened health and safety concerns both locally and globally as the Covid-19 pandemic has generated much interest and awareness among consumers worldwide and in Malaysia on the importance of cleaner air and environment.

Dr Clo’s Sterilisation Devices help to fulfill the need to sterilise, disinfect and deodorise air in living spaces within the home and in private vehicles.

Dr Clo’s range of sterilisation devices is formulated to complement all ongoing efforts by homemakers and households nationwide to ensure families enjoy optimum protection within specific environments.

The all-in-one solution is carcinogen-free and contains non-toxic material, while acting as a potent formula and preventive measure against viruses, bacteria and pathogens. Yet, it is harmless to infants, the sick and the elderly alike. In fact, the product is also commonly used in nursing homes and aged care facilities.

The easy-to-use Dr Clo Sterilisation Device just requires the user to hold both ends of the sterilisation device and bend it once to break the capsule inside. The indicator will turn yellow within 12-24 hours once activated. It is then mounted at the desired location using the suction holder provided. The device can be used for up to 50 days and then can be replaced with a new one.

Dr. Clo Sterilisation Devices are available in four different variants – Home, Bathroom, Refrigerator and Car.

The Home variant is ideal for living spaces or even office spaces since it sterilises space and eliminate odours generated from food waste, mould and smoking. It is also handy for use in shelves, closets and in shoe cabinets to secure an odour-free storage space.

Meanwhile, the Bathroom variant has been specifically designed for use in humid and wet bathrooms and showers.

The Refrigerator variant can be used both for refrigerators and chillers to seal in freshness of food and drinks stored there as well as ensure bacteria-free storage space for longer periods, while eliminating unpleasant odours.

The Car variant, which can withstand heat, is available for vehicles as it sterilises the vehicle’s interior, while removing any odour generated through the air-conditioner.

Malaysians can now certainly look forward to a revolution in personal sterilisation, disinfection and deodorisation that is safe and effective in protecting the family’s personal space and lifestyle.

The entire range of Dr Clo’s Sterilisation Devices is available at RM55 per device and can be purchased on the shelves of selected pharmacies and via e-commerce platforms. For more information on Dr Clo’s Devices, visit the website:

Dr Clo Backgrounder

A portable sterilisation product in a travel-friendly and easy-to-use device, Dr Clo is able to disinfect, sanitise and eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria and kill viruses in its surroundings without producing carcinogen and toxic materials.

Created as an ‘air steriliser’ that has been tested in both Korea and Japan, the capsule found within the Dr. Clo device is the world’s only liquid type chlorine dioxide (ClO2) approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) in the U.S and successfully patented in 2014. Additionally, guidelines for Chlorine Dioxide use have also been registered and well documented by the Environment Protection Agency (U.S EPA) and World Health Organisation (WHO).

An innovation from NON Co Ltd (Korea), Dr. Clo is odourless and safe for people of all ages and non-toxic to pets. The product can be used in various spaces of the home, like bedrooms, bathrooms and even home appliances. Dr Clo can also be used in public spaces & transportation such as schools, public toilets, restaurants, hotels, airports, etc.

Dr Clo Sterilisation Device comes in 4 labels:

  • Household – Suitable for any area of the home such as closets or beds, as well as office spaces
  • Automobile – Sanitises the car and other forms of transportation
  • Refrigerator – Keeps bacteria away from food
  • Bathroom – Deodorises unpleasant odours from sinks and toilets

How to use the Dr Clo Sterilisation Device:

  1. Hold the ends of the Sterilisation Device with your hands and bend it once (you can hear a snap sound) to trigger the chemicals of the capsule inside. The indicator on the side will turn yellow within 12-24 hours once it has been activated.
  2. Place it in your desired location by hanging or using the suction holder provided. Each of the labelled devices have different content created for its specific location.
  3. The sterilisation effect lasts up to 50 days and the yellow indicator will turn white to show that the Dr Clo device needs to be replaced.

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