LOOK: This Plantable Pencil from Cebu Can Grow Into a Plant

Cebu-based startup launches ‘plantable pencil’

Plantable Pencil - photo from Eco Hub Cebu’s Facebook page

A Cebu-based startup made their mark in the environment by launching a plantable pencil.

Eco Hub, a company that offers eco-friendly products that are priced right so that customers won’t have to choose between affordability and sustainability, has been viral in social media recently because of their revolutionary product.

Plantable Pencil - photo from Eco Hub Cebu’s Facebook page
Plantable Pencil – photo from Eco Hub Cebu’s Facebook page

“A plantable pencil is just your regular HB pencil except that instead of a small eraser enclosed in a metal case, it is tipped with gelatin capsule containing the seeds of different plants,” the startup said in their Facebook page.

Buyers can choose from tomato, sunflower, carrot, or citronella seeds, among others for their chosen plants. The company added that the idea is to plant the pencil stub when it’s too short to write or color with.

“This gives it a new lease on life. Instead of being thrown away, the plantable pencil becomes a symbol of sustainability,” it added.

Eco Hub added that the plantable pencil is safe as it is 100 percent preservative-free once kids ingest it.

“Yes it is safe! Ingesting the seeds and the capsule are harmless. The capsule used on the plantable pencil is 100 percent preservative-free, non GMO, allergen-free and gluten-free,” the company said.

“This pencil doesn’t contain lead. It is 100 percent natural and non-toxic made of sustainable wood, graphite, clay and non-GMO seeds,” it added.

Apart from plantable pencils, Eco Hub also sells other sustainable products such as reusable straws and utensils.

Plantable Pencil photo from Sprout World Facebook Page
Eco Friendly Pencil photo from Sprout World Facebook Page

However, the Cebu-based startup is not the first to launch the plantable pencil. It was introduced by Sprout as they said that “instead of throwing it out, you can make sustainability visible to others.”

“And inspire them to make changes in their daily life. This is the idea behind the Sprout range. And it’s struck a chord, as our products are now available in over 60 countries around the world,” Sprout website said.

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