The Unstoppable Angel Canino: A Rising Star in Philippine Volleyball

The Rise of Super Rookie Angel Canino in Philippine Volleyball

Angel Canino Player of the Game

Unleashing the Potential: The Phenomenal Rise of Angel Canino in Philippine Volleyball”

Angel Canino has undoubtedly become one of the most highly-anticipated rookies in the UAAP Season 85 Women’s Volleyball Tournament. All eyes were on her as she made her debut for the La Salle Lady Spikers in the seniors’ division against the UST Golden Tigresses, and she proved that she was more than worth the hype.

Angel Canino Player of the Game
Angel Canino Player of the Game

Playing in front of a raucous crowd of 6,849 at the Mall of Asia Arena, the 19-year-old sensation led the Lady Spikers with 18 points off 16 attacks, one block, and one ace in a thrilling five-set win against their rival UST Golden Tigresses. Canino’s performance on the court was remarkable, but her composure and maturity impressed many.

In her post-game interview, Canino shared her thoughts on the game and her dream-like debut. She said, “I wasn’t focusing on external factors. I was just focusing on what we can do as a team and what we can do inside the court. That’s why I was able to contribute and why my teammates were able to, as well.”

Canino’s mentality and approach to the game are attributes that have set her apart from many other players. Despite the hype and pressure that surrounded her, she remained level-headed and focused on the task at hand.

Facing experienced foes like Eya Laure and Milena Alessandrini, Canino played like she was their contemporary, hammering powerful kills, huddling the team at crucial points, and bringing the swag that La Salle has always been known for.

Her impressive debut earned high praise from the media and the volleyball community. Many have labeled her as the future of Philippine volleyball, and it’s easy to see why. Canino’s skill set is well beyond her years, and her attitude and mentality on and off the court are mature beyond her age.

Canino’s passion for volleyball started when she was just six years old, and since then, she has pursued it relentlessly. Before joining La Salle, she was part of the Philippine Women’s Volleyball team that competed in the 2018 Asian Women’s Volleyball Cup in Thailand, where she caught the attention of many scouts.

Canino’s success on the court has not come without its challenges. In 2018, she suffered a knee injury that sidelined her for six months. But she didn’t let the setback deter her, and instead, she worked hard to come back stronger than ever.

The La Salle interim head coach Noel Orcullo is well aware of Canino’s talent, but he remains grounded when it comes to expectations. He said, “She was okay, but she had a lot of lapses left, so we have to adjust back in training. At least she’s already getting the confidence. She could play her first game, an intense one at that. At least, this is confidence-building, not only for her but for the whole team.”

Super Rookie Angel Canino
Super Rookie Angel Canino

Despite the high expectations, Canino remains humble and focused on her growth as a player. In an interview, she stated, “We’re going to show who we are as Lady Spikers. What we can already do, we’ll push even further because we know we have a lot more to push in ourselves as a team. We will still jell more as a team. That’s what won us the fifth set. We pushed ourselves to the limit and gave our all.”

Canino’s attitude and determination are not only admirable, but they’re what makes her a force to be reckoned with in Philippine volleyball. Her ability to lead and inspire her team is remarkable, and it’s evident that her teammates look up to her.

Angel’s performance in her debut game against UST was nothing short of spectacular, and she proved that she could hold her own against more experienced players. Her powerful kills, impressive blocking, and strong serving helped La Salle secure a hard-fought win, and she immediately became a fan favorite.

But what sets Angel apart from other rookies is her skill on the court, maturity, and leadership. Despite being just 19 years old and playing in her first season in the seniors’ division, Angel showed remarkable poise and calmness on the court, often taking charge of the team during crucial moments.

Her ability to stay level-headed and focused even in high-pressure situations earned her the respect and admiration of her teammates and coaches. La Salle interim head coach Noel Orcullo praised Angel for her leadership qualities, saying she had a “presence on the court” beyond her years.

Angel also impressed everyone off the court with her dedication and work ethic. She was often seen putting in extra hours of training and studying game footage, determined to improve her game and help her team succeed. Her passion and commitment to the sport were evident in everything she did, and it was clear that she had a bright future ahead of her.

As the season progressed, Angel’s star continued to rise, and she quickly became one of the league’s most talked-about players. Her impressive performances caught the attention of fans, analysts, and even national team coaches, who saw her potential to become a future star of Philippine volleyball.

But Angel remained humble and grounded, always crediting her teammates and coaches for her success. She knew she still had a lot to learn and improve on, and she was always looking for ways to improve.

Looking ahead, Angel’s future in the sport looks bright. With her impressive skills, leadership qualities, and dedication to the game, she has all the makings of a future star. And as she continues to hone her craft and gain more experience, there’s no telling just how far she can go.

Canino’s impressive debut is just the beginning of what promises to be a remarkable career. She has all the tools to be a dominant force in Philippine volleyball and has already shown that she can compete with the best. As she gains more experience and continues to improve her skills, Canino is set to become the next big thing in Philippine volleyball.

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