Chinese Woman Opens Airplane Emergency Door for “Fresh Air”

Their flight was delayed because of it and the woman was taken in for questioning by the police afterwards.

  • A Chinese woman was onboard a commercial airplane headed for Lanzhou, China and was seated near the airplane’s emergency exit
  • Despite the flight attendant’s warning to not touch the emergency exit, the woman opened it as she felt that the air was “too stuffy”
  • The flight was delayed and the woman was taken in by police for questioning

For frequent travelers, they have lots of stories that they can tell, and most of them can come from the time that they are actually traveling to their destination instead of what they can tell once they have reached their intended place. Most of the stories that are told are from when one would board an airplane to fly from one place to another. A certain flight in China was a unique experience for both passengers and flight crew.

It was with Xiamen Air flight MF 8215 and it was scheduled to fly on September 23 at 3:45 PM. As the passengers were boarding the airplane, flight attendants were giving a warning to those that were seated near the emergency exits to not touch the lever.

chinese woman opens airplane emergency exit for some fresh air
Passengers were assisted in disembarking the plane after the incident.

A Chinese woman who was among the passengers said she felt that the air inside the airplane was “too stuffy” and when the flight attendants were not looking, she went and opened the emergency exit to “get some fresh air. The plane was currently stationary during the incident.

chinese woman opens airplane emergency exit for some fresh air
The emergency exit was opened because the passenger wanted to get “some fresh air”

The flight itself was delayed by an hour and all of the passengers needed to disembark. The woman was then apprehended by the police and was taken in for questioning.

chinese woman opens airplane emergency exit for some fresh air
Passengers needed to get off the plane and the flight itself was delayed for an hour due to the incident

There had been other stories regarding Chinese passengers and airplanes, with the most common stories of those that would throw coins into the plane’s engines for “good luck,” which caused further delay and possible engine damage.

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