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Smoothie Shop Employee Fired After Labeling an Asian Customer as “Jackie Chan” on His Receipt

The customer was Korean, and he felt that what the staff wrote in the receipt to describe him was inappropriate.

  • Asian customer orders from a smoothie shop with his kids.
  • The person at the cashier did not ask for the customer’s name but instead wrote “Jackie Chan” on the receipt
  • A similar incident happened at a different smoothie shop of the same name

We love to order drinks from specialty shops, whether it be an iced coffee or a fruit smoothie, and we would usually expect the barista to ask for your name. This is so that they can easily identify the customer that they’ll serve. A few employees at a certain shop thought of another thing to do, but the customers didn’t appreciate it.

Jackie Chan was put in a receipt in Smoothie King

Tony Choi shared the experience that he had in a Facebook post. He and his kids went to Smoothie King, a smoothie shop that specializes with preparing healthy drinks. He went on to order but he noticed that the person at the counter didn’t ask for his name. He then saw that on the receipt, the name “Jackie Chan” was written instead.

Jackie Chan was put in a receipt in Smoothie King
Instead of the customer’s name, the cashier instead put “Jackie Chan.” Image credit: Tony Choi/Facebook

Tony didn’t take this lightly as he thought the label was unnecessary. He also saw the shop employees laughing about what happened, but instead of being angry, he left the store and did not let his kids know what happened but posted it on Facebook instead.

Unexpectedly, another Smoothie King store had a similar incident a few days prior. Twitter use EasyMagCLT also ordered from Smoothie King and instead of a name, the cashier has put the N-word on the receipt instead. He posted a Tweet about this and tagged the official Smoothie King Twitter account to it, asking for an explanation.

Jackie Chan was put in a receipt in Smoothie King
The N-word was put in the receipt instead of the customer’s name this time. Image credit: @EasyMagCLT/Twitter


In a news post from South China Morning Post, it was reported that the two Smoothie King branches will be closed temporarily and the staff will be given “inclusivity training.” The two employees who wrote the labels on the receipts were also terminated from their jobs.

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