Customer Sees the Word “Bakla” in Their Receipt, Caused an Outrage

A customer at a restaurant did not appreciate the use of the word “bakla” in their receipt

  • Member of the LGBTQ community posts a picture of a receipt that they got from a certain eatery
  • In the receipt, the waiter wrote the word “bakla” instead of writing their proper name
  • Customer feels insulted with what the restaurant staff did

Members of the LGBTQ community is generally accepted by Filipinos, but there are cases where they still struggle. There are moments where they feel like they don’t belong anywhere.

Kayecie Correa Sia shared their experience in a Facebook post with what happened when they decided to eat at a certain restaurant.

She shared a picture of the restaurant and even a map to get to it, and the picture of the receipt that was given to them that started it all. The receipt shows their order but there is a mark at the top that was supposed to describe their table and the words “LABAS” which says they are seated at the outdoor part of the restaurant and in parenthesis the word “BAKLA.”

Word bakla is written on their receipt
The words “labas” and “bakla” were used to describe Kayecie’s group.

“Bakla” is what Filipinos use generally to describe a gay person. Kayecie did not take this lightly as she also mentioned that the people in the restaurant were laughing as they were taking their order. She also didn’t like the fact that instead of having them ask for their name to be written the people in the restaurant decided to write the word “bakla.”

Kayecie then went on to say that she can’t believe that there are still people that are prejudiced against those of a different gender. She said they could have written anything else on it but they still chose to write the word in question. She also said she can’t imagine those at the restaurant not being able to know of anyone that might be gay, whether it be a former classmate, or even a relative of them, and if they treat them the same way.

As of this moment, the post has been shared more than a thousand times and Kayecie is getting a lot of support because of what happened.

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