Facts about the Moon You Didn’t Know

Things you (probably) didn’t know about the moon

Facts about the Moon

Interesting facts about the Moon

The Moon is the cosmic neighbor that is closest to Earth, but it is more than just a great light in the sky; it is one of the greatest mysteries in the universe, and it enchants everyone who takes the time to observe it in addition to lighting up the night. The Moon is the closest cosmic neighbor to Earth. There are innumerable myths and fascinating scientific facts associated with this incredible natural satellite; in fact, there are some people who maintain that humans have never stepped foot on the Moon.

Facts about the Moon
Facts about the Moon

How knowledgeable are you when it comes to the Moon? You may be familiar with the phrase “the dark side of the moon,” but were you aware that this knowledge is nothing more than a myth? As we can only see 59 percent of the Moon from our vantage point on Earth, we may get the mistaken idea that only one side of the Moon is lighted by the sun while, in reality, all sides of the Moon are exposed to sunlight.

Facts about the Moon

There are many interesting things to learn about the Moon; here are a few that you most likely were unaware of.

Our Moon is a piece of Earth.

It is thought that an asteroid around the size of Mars collided with Earth 4.6 billion years ago, resulting in the Moon’s formation. As a consequence of the impact, vaporized rocks started to circle the Earth, where they eventually consolidated and created a solid body that would later evolve into the Moon.

The Moon is shrinking.

You heard correctly: the Moon is making a decision. Because of the satellite’s internal cooling, this is not a shrinkage that you should be concerned about or notice. In fact, the shrinkage is so slight that it will be impossible to measure it precisely.

Moon trees

More than 400 kinds of trees found on Earth originated on the Moon. Stuart Roosa, an astronaut on Apollo 14, brought a bundle of seeds into space with him in 1971. The seeds traveled around the Moon about 34 times in the astronaut’s pocket.

On Earth, the seeds were allowed to grow, and after being planted in various places, they became known as the Moon Trees. The majority of them had quite successful childhoods. Have you ever given any attention to planting a tree in your backyard that comes from a seed that has already been to the Moon?

Interesting facts about the Moon
Interesting facts about the Moon

There is water on the Moon.

You got it correctly! Some water has frozen over and may be found in the craters in the Moon’s shadows.

A rocket was fired from the LCROSS satellite in the direction of the Moon in October 2009 to make a significant impact on purpose. The collision caused the opening of a crater on the Moon and the production of a massive cloud of lunar dust, both of which were photographed and examined by Lcross.

After analyzing the data obtained by the space mission, NASA could demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt that the substance under investigation included water molecules. Under the moon’s south pole’s surface lies an area containing crystallized water (in the form of ice).

The Moon is not round.

Despite what we may believe (or what we may be able to see), the Moon is not completely round. In point of fact, it has a little truncation, and this is because of the effect that Earth’s gravity has on the Moon. It gives the illusion of being round because one of its ends—the one that is closer to us—is pointing directly at us.

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