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Filipino Nurse Helped To Deliver a Baby While In an International Flight

Francis Dominic Mendoza was at the right place at the right time for a woman who was about to give birth in an airplane.

  • Francis Dominic Mendoza was on his way home for a vacation via an international flight.
  • During the flight, a pregnant passenger who was traveling alone suddenly went in labor.
  • Mendoza helped deliver the baby boy while onboard the airplane, which then did an emergency stop over Bangkok to get both the mother and child to a hospital

With how things turn out, there can be cases that a person is at the right place at the right moment, specially for emergencies. We can take what happened with a certain airline passenger.

Francis Dominic Mendoza, who hails from Bacolod, is a registered nurse that works in Dublin, Ireland. He was on his way home for his vacation in a flight via Qatar Airlines. During the flight, another passenger, identified as well as a Filipina, suddenly went into labor. She was 37 weeks pregnant.

filipino nurse helped deliver a baby while 35,000 feet above ground
Francis Dominic Mendoza with the mother and child, whose identities were withheld.

The time was 5 AM and the passenger plane was over Thailand airspace. With no one else to assist the woman, the Filipino nurse helped to deliver the baby with the assistance of a flight crew member that has a medical background, and it was a healthy baby boy.

In a report made by, Mendoza said they wrapped the baby in a blanket and he continued to check the mother’s vitals, aware that bleeding after birth is what he’ll need to watch out for.

filipino nurse helped deliver a baby while 35,000 feet above ground
Mendoza holding the healthy baby boy that he brought into the world in an airplane, 35,000 feet above ground.

With the assistance of the airplane’s pilots and crew, they decided to take an emergency landing in Bangkok. They landed at 6:15 AM, and both the mother and baby were brought to a hospital for further medical treatment. It was also mentioned that Qatar Airlines will assist them with their hospital expenses.

Mendoza said he has never felt as fulfilled as before and it was amazing that he was able to deliver the baby while the airplane was airborne. He might be known now as the Filipino nurse that helped to deliver a baby in an airplane, but he only did what any other nurse would have done in an emergency situation.

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