Philippine Airlines Flight PR113 Makes an Emergency Landing After its Engine Caught Fire

The flames erupted from one of its engines which the pilot noticed immediately.

  • Philippine Airlines flight PR113 was has taken off from Los Angeles International Airport, heading for Manila, when one of its engines caught fire
  • The pilot was quick to notice what happened and made an emergency landing back at the airport
  • All 300 passengers of flight PR113 are safe with the pilot’s quick and calm reaction

Flying is still considered as one of the safest ways to travel. Flight preparations are checked in a routine to ensure that everything is in order, and triple-checking has been a practice before take-off. Unfortunately, malfunctions can still happen, but with being alert and quick thinking, there were no casualties when a certain emergency happened just recently.

From a report posted in ABS-CBN’s website, Philippine Airlines flight PR113 has just taken off from Los Angeles International Airport, when, two minutes later, one of its engines suddenly caught fire. The plane was a Boeing 777, with two engines that can be found underneath each wing. The one that caught fire was the engine under the right wing.

philippine airlines flight pr113 makes emergency landing after engine flame out
The Boeing 777 was the model of the airplane that had its engine on the right wing flame out 2 minutes after take off.

The pilot of the airplane, Capt. Tristan Simeon, was quick to notice the engine trouble, and has ordered an emergency landing back at the airport.

philippine airlines flight pr113 makes emergency landing after engine flame out
Fire was spouting out from the rear part of the plane’s right engine, indicating a flame out. Image credit: Rein Fuentes/YouTube

Two videos were shown regarding what happened. The first was from a person on the ground, which clearly showed the smoke and flame coming from the engine, and there was another video taken from inside the plane. The engine’s flame out can clearly be seen from the passenger window.

The plane was able to clear its emergency landing and all 300 passengers were safe. Philippine Airlines has taken care of rebooking each of their flights and any hotel accommodation that might be needed. The cause of the engine’s flame out is still under investigation.


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