Korean actor Lee Jong Suk and singer IU are dating

Actor Lee Jong Suk’s Agency Confirms He is Dating IU

Korean actor Lee Jong Suk and singer IU are dating

Confirmed: Korean star Lee Jong-suk and IU have been dating for the past four months.

Rumors has it! Korean singer/actress IU and Lee Jong Suk are confirmed to be in a relationship!

After several rumors going around social media, Lee Jong Suk’s agency released the following statement:

Hello. This is HighZium Studio.

This is an official statement regarding the exclusive article about actor Lee Jong Suk.

Actor Lee Jong Suk and IU recently progressed from being close acquaintances into being a couple, and they are maintaining a serious relationship.

Please show lots of support so they can continue their beautiful relationship.

Thank you.

The rumors sparked after Korean actor Lee Jong-suk won the grand prize at the 2022 MBC Drama Awards on Dec. 30. In his short speech, he expressed gratitude to one person he did not name.

Korean actor Lee Jong Suk and singer IU are dating
Korean actor Lee Jong Suk and singer IU are dating

“I had a lot of worries, fears, and suffering after I finished my military service, but at that time, there was someone who helped me to have a good direction and positive thoughts,”

“I want to say thank you for always being so cool, I’ve liked you so much for a very long time, and I respect you so much.

“I will work harder to become a better person in the future. I will become a good actor who works hard. Happy New Year to all viewers, and thank you,”.

Before Lee Jong-suk’s agency confirmation, Dispatch Media also reported that they had photos of Lee Jong-suk and IU dating in Nagoya, Japan, and published a story accompanied with photos.

In the said article by Dispatch, They mentioned that the 33-year-old Lee Jong-suk was referring to in his speech was the 29-year-old singer and actress IU.

The article also revealed that the two were seen together in Nagoya, where they spent three days and two nights at a luxury resort.

According to the report, Lee arranged the entire Japan trip alone and traveled without notifying his manager. Meanwhile, Lee had personally invited IU’s brother to Nagoya.

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