How to Adopt a Child in the Philippines — Everything you need to Know

Adoption Requirements and Procedures in the Philippines

How to Adopt a Child in the Philippines

Child Adoption in the Philippines

Are you currently planning to adopt a child in the Philippines? You are on the right page. This article discusses procedures and requirements that you have to know, according to the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) — the government agency in the country mandated to safeguard the welfare of abandoned children.

Adoption Requirements and Procedures in the Philippines
Adoption Requirements and Procedures in the Philippines

Who are eligible to adopt a child in the Philippines?

Here are the requirements for Filipino citizen or an alien residing in the country wishing to adopt a child in the Philippines:

  1. The adopter is of legal age.
  2. The adopter is 16 years older than the adoptee. The exception is when they are the biological parent of the child.
  3. They are capable of acting and assuming the duties and rights of parental authority.
  4. The adopter possesses a good moral character — they haven’t convicted of any crime.
  5. The adopter went through pre-adoption services.
  6. The adopter has the capacity to educate, support and care for his children (legitimate and illegitimate) and the adoptee.
  7. The alien adopter has a certification from a consular or diplomatic agency allowing them to adopt and stating that their government allows the adoption.
  8. The alien lives in the country for at least three continuous years before they filed the application. They should also maintain the residence until the adoption.

Who is the adoptee?

A person that can be adopted in the country must possess these qualifications:

  1. They are below 18 years old. They should have also been judicially or administratively declared available for adoption.
  2. The adoptee is a legitimate child of one spouse by the other spouse.
  3. The adoptee is an illegitimate child by the qualified adopter.
  4. A person of legal age can also be adopted if, before the adoption, the person is considered by the adopter their own child.
  5. A person whose adoption has been invalidated.
  6. The adoptee’s biological parents have died. The condition, however, is that no proceedings must be initiated in 6 months from the time of their parents’ death.

Should you wish to know more about Domestic Adoption Law in the country, you may want to visit the provisions of the R.A. 8552.

What are the documents to be prepared?

Here are the requirements that a foster parent has to prepare:

  1. Authenticated Marriage Certificate
  2. Authenticated Birth Certificate
  3. Characters of References (you need to provide three references)
  4. Any proof of income, such as the Income Tax Return
  5. Police Clearance or NBI Clearance
  6. Home Study Report
  7. Latest home picture and most recent family picture
  8. Health Certificates of Couple along with family members
  9. Written consent to the adoption of the child living with the applicant — aged 10 years old and above — is also required
  10. Statement of Acceptance from Designated Guardian
How to Adopt a Child in the Philippines
How to Adopt a Child in the Philippines

Complete Adoption Process in the Philippines

Follow this procedure when adopting:

  1. Attendance to Adoption Counseling
  2. Application
  3. You have to prepare the Home Study Report
  4. Wait for the approval of your application
  5. Go through the matching or family selection
  6. Pre-placement of the child with the prospective adoptive parents
  7. Placement
  8. Supervised Trial Custody
  9. The adoption of the child is finalized
  10. The Adoption Decree / Certificate of Finality is issued
  11. The amended birth certificate is issued
  12. Post-Adoptive Services are provided

There you have it: The procedures and requirements needed to adopt a child in the Philippines. It is prudent to directly contact the DSWD for more information and proper guidance.

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