Little Girl Gets Chased By a Bison in Yellowstone National Park

Park officials has already given a warning to park visitors to give the animals space as they are wild and not tamed.

  • Yellowstone National Park is a national park in the United States where you can see wildlife and the famous Old Faithful geyser
  • News regarding Yellowstone rose because of how a child was charged by a wild bison when her group went too near the beast
  • Yellowstone staff has reminded visitors that all the animals are wild and they should be given enough space if one is encountered

Yellowstone National Park is a national park that is located in the United States. It is most famous for a geyser that is located in it, called Old Faithful. Geysers are known to erupt with water, and Old Faithful has been recorded to be most consisted with every eruption.

Aside from Old Faithful, the park is visited by hundreds to enjoy nature and go on mountain trails in it. Lots of animals also live in the park and all are protected. Camping is also common, and there are lodges available for visitors to use.

Visitors got close to the bison, some said they were 5-10 feet near, where park officials say everyone should keep a distance of 25 yards.

Yellowstone was in social media recently but not because of anything bad that happened to the park. A video became trending that involved a wild animal and a few park visitors.

From a now deleted Tweet from user @haileyydayton, they saw a group of visitors that were very close to a wild bison. Stories say they were attempting to pet the animal and they got around 5-10 feet away from it.

The bison then suddenly charged the group. Everyone ran, but unfortunately a little girl was caught in the bison’s rage and she was tossed right up in the air.

The bison charged, and appeared to have went after the little girl. It is assumed that her parents were the ones running away on the right of the video.

Even though she deleted her Tweet, numerous sites was able to get a copy of it and it was reposted.

From a report posted by Yellowstone, the event happened on the afternoon of July 22, and the place was near the Old Faithful area. She was taken to the Old Faithful Lodge to be checked, and then was moved to the Old Faithful Clinic. She was fortunate to not sustain any critical injury and was deemed safe after.

In the same report, Yellowstone wants to remind visitors that the wildlife in the park are still wild. If one is spotted, space should be given to them instead. Park regulations say everyone should maintain a 25 yard distance from an animal that they would spot.


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