Process on How to Get Married in the Philippines – Here’s What You Should Know

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Married in the Philippines

How to Get Married in the Philippines

How to Get Married in the Philippines

Are you presently planning to get married in the Philippines? Well, you are on the right track. This article provides your much-needed information, such as the required documents and steps when preparing for your marriage.

Step-by-Step Guide

What you have to do first is to apply for a marriage license, deemed the most important document required for your marriage — whether you will have a civil or a church wedding. This is needed in verifying you and your spouse’s eligibility for marriage.

Here are the requirements needed:

  • You have to fill out the Application Form. You can get this form from the LCR office.
  • You have to submit NSO / PSA Authenticated birth certificate
  • Get from the PSA a Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR)
  • Provide a Cedula / Community Tax Certificate
  • A 1 x 1 photo is needed
  • If the bride or groom is 18 to 21 years old, there should be an affidavit of parental consent
  • If the bride or groom is 22 to 25 years old, an affidavit of parental advice is required

If the applicant is not a citizen of the Philippines, they have to submit a Certificate of Legal Capacity to marry. This is issued by the embassy of their county in the Philippines. If the applicant, however, is a widow or widower, the death certificate of their spouse is required.

Get Married in the Philippines
Get Married in the Philippines

Steps in Applying for Your Marriage Contract or License

You have to fill out the marriage contract application form. Head to the Local Civil Registrar near you. Carefully put in you are and your spouse’s information before you submit it to avoid errors down the road. You will then need to attend the required seminars.

Marriage Seminars

You and your spouse have to go to the required seminars as you will need the certificate of attendance prior to the release of the marriage license.

Actual Wedding

It is a good idea to exchange vows in front of the altar. If you plan for a church wedding, then you need to set the schedule with the church of your choice. When you opt for the civil wedding, however, there is a need to set the appointment with the authorized official for the ceremony. Note that you should bring with you two persons of legal age who will serve as witnesses. In the case your spouse is below the legal age, it is required that a guardian or a parent is present.

How to Get Married in the Philippines
How to Get Married in the Philippines

Getting the Marriage License

Present your certificates of attendance to the LCR office where you applied. Note these details: deadline of filing of registration is within 15 days from your wedding day and that the license is released after 10 days.

Bottom line: knowing the procedures and requirements for getting married in the Philippines will absolutely make the whole process a piece of cake.

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