The History Of Mac OS Versions Since 2001

The evolution of macOS and Mac OS X

The History Of Mac OS Versions Since 2001

Apple didn’t become the most valuable company in the world by chance. There’s a reason that the Cupertino technology giant was the first publicly listed company to break the $1 trillion valuations: it makes computing accessible to regular people, helping to improve their lives.

The History Of Mac OS Versions Since 2001
The History Of Mac OS Versions Since 2001

Things were always this way. Before Apple introduced OS X 10.0 codenamed “Cheetah” in 2001, people had to make do with solutions from Microsoft and Linux. Windows NT and Windows 2000 had a host of problems, and Linux was even more impenetrable. Over the years, Apple worked hard to iron out many of the inherent problems with the operating systems of the day, helping to make their platform highly intuitive and simplified, as we’ve now come to expect. Each version of Mac OS focused on improving a specific aspect of the user experience. Some updates wanted to tackle issues to do with performance and crispness, while others wanted to update search functionality or add multi-tasking functions. The culmination of all these small changes over ten years was an operating system that was markedly different from mainstream solutions, providing customers with a seamless experience that allowed them just to do the tasks that they wanted to do. Since the turn of the decade, Apple has continued to work hard on its operating system under the guidance of CEO Tim Cook. The latest versions of the operating system give users the ability to upload data to the cloud, set reminders and improve security. Siri integration brings voice control and added artificial intelligence features.
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