Warrant of Arrest Issued for Yeng Constantino For Her Vlog

This is a follow-up to the vlog that she posted defaming a doctor in Surigao del Norte.

  • Yeng Constantino posted a vlog back in July 2019 showing what she experienced at a hospital in Surigao del Norte following her husband’s accident from cliff diving
  • Yeng has since removed the video from YouTube and has issued an apology through a Facebook post
  • A now-deleted Facebook post showed that there was a warrant of arrest issued for Yeng back in December 2019 and the person who posted it was asking if there were any actions regarding it

Manila, Philippines – With the power that social media has, there have been numerous posts and videos showing how people would comment or complain about certain things, while either asking for help or assurance from those that will be able to read it.

Back in July 2019, a vlog from showbiz personality Yeng Constantino went up in her YouTube channel, where she posted about the accident that her husband Yan had while on vacation in Surigao del Norte. The video went viral but as netizens all saw that Yeng was defaming the doctor who had tried to help them, she took a lot of flak for it and the hashtag #NotoDoctorShaming came about.

yeng constantino issued a warrant of arrest
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Yeng has since deleted the video from YouTube and has issued an apology through a Facebook post, saying that she should have been more responsible with what she posted, and she had apologized to the doctor in it as well.

Through a now-deleted post in Facebook, an article from PEP has shown that there was a warrant of arrest issued for Yeng regarding the said post.

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The same post also showed that, with the permission of Dr. Esterlina Tan, who was the doctor who attended to Yan back in July 2019, that the warrant of arrest was issued back in December 12, 2019, but it appears that there was no action regarding it.

Continuing on in the article, a statement from Atty. Joji Alonso, the lawyer who represented Yeng, has said that she is not aware of any cases that were filed against her but they are now looking into the said claim.


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