Filipinos thanks Vietnam on social media #ThankYouVietnam

‘Vietnam. Philippines. Friends’

Thank You Vietnam

President Duterte still silent on the issue

Manila, Philippines — Filipinos took to social media to say their gratitude to Vietnam for saving Filipino fishermen after they got rammed by a Chinese vessel.

According to ABS-CBN reporter Jeff Canoy, Filipino fishermen and Vietnamese cannot understand each other but the Vietnamese just only three words that saved them at sea.

“Still gathering accounts from the crew of F/B GEMVIR1 & there’s a detail that they kept repeating: When they asked for help from the Vietnamese vessel, they couldn’t understand each other. But the Vietnamese said 3 words that saved them at sea: “Vietnam. Philippines. Friends,’” Canoy wrote on her Twitter account.

Netizens posted on Twitter their appreciation for Vietnam’s kind-hearted approach on the situation.

Thanks Vietnam
Thanks Vietnam

“‘Vietnam. Philippines. Friends.” Thank you very much. The Filipino people will never forget your kind hearts. #ThankYouVietnam,” a netizen posted.

“Let me sincerely THANK VIETNAM for kindly rescuing our seamen who were LEFT TO DROWN AND DIE by the CHINESE vessel within Philippine Exclusive Economic Zone! Thank you! We won’t forget this day!” another netizen posted.

“Thank you, #Vietnam! Expect more gratitude from Filipino civilians despite our Crazy, China-loyal Duterte dictatorship,” a Twitter user posted.

Thank You Vietnam
Thank You Vietnam

In a report by Rappler, Junel Insigne, the captain of the fishing boat Gem-Vir said they saw a light from an estimated five miles away so he asked her two fishermen to sail in a small boat to ask help.

“Meron pong natanaw na ilaw mga limang milya po ang layo,” Insigne said.

“Pinagsagwan ko sa tao ko,” Insigne added.

The two men, Justine Pascual, and JP Gordiones were able to float by clinging to one of their small fishing boats.

“Hindi na namin iniisip ‘yung pagod, takot, gutom, parang wala na ang gutom namin kahit na malayo. Para sa pag-asa lang namin na mabuhay,” Gordiones said.

Meanwhile, after threatening Canada for war because of trash, known for being outspoken, President Rodrigo Duterte keeps silent on the issue.

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