“Hellish Traffic” to be Expected in the Coming Months According to MMDA

Factors include unpredictable weather and the coming “ber” months count in this warning.

  • The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority gave a warning to citizens to expect “hellish traffic” as the last quarter of 2019 approaches
  • Cause for this is with the expected volume of vehicles and commuters increasing in numbers as the “ber” months approach
  • Proposal to revive the old Organized Bus Route was suggested by former MMDA chairman Bayani Fernando to help with the possible traffic issue

Manila, Philippines – The traffic at EDSA has been an issue for the longest time. Numerous leaders have attempted different schemes to help ease the traffic, and until now, it’s still a hot topic specially because of social media. Numerous stories of people being stuck in traffic and the topic regarding private vehicles and public utility vehicles like buses are still circulating online.

From a report by PhilStar, in the weekly news forum Kapihan sa Manila Bay, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) traffic czar Bong Nebrija gave a warning to motorists that they may expect a “hellish traffic” as the last quarter of the year approaches. He also didn’t want to beat around the bush and he said the traffic condition may worsen as more vehicles are expected on the road since the “ber” months are approaching.

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He also mentioned that unpredictable weather conditions will also become an additional factor for the traffic condition that they are predicting.

In the same forum, it was mentioned that 420,000 vehicles go through EDSA in a single day, which is double the supposed capacity of 200,000, and a 20% increase of vehicles is to expected in the coming months.

hellish traffic to be expected in the coming months
“Hellish traffic” will be expected in the coming months, as per MMDA.

In the same article, Marikina Representative and former MMDA chairman Bayani Fernando has suggested that Organized Bus Route (OBR) that he had implemented back in 2006 be revived as that system was able to work. He mentioned as well that the only reason why it failed was because a few months after it was started, drivers stopped following the routes and bribery was involved as well.

Hopefully a good traffic scheme can be formulated in the future because if nothing can be done, we might expect to see a “parking lot” in the middle of EDSA in the coming months.


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