Hello, Love, Goodbye Location Vandalized in Hong Kong

Fans of the movie was able to find the certain location in the movie and decided to leave a mark.

  • Hello, Love, Goodbye is a movie starring Alden Richards and Kathryn Bernardo and was a big hit for fans
  • The movie was set in Hong Kong, and a netizen was able to find one of the locations in the movie
  • As fans tried to visit the location, had decided to vandalize the place and write on the rails

The movie Hello, Love, Goodbye has become a big hit for both fans of romantic movies and fans of the actors Alden Richards and Kathryn Bernardo. Released in local theaters on July 31, 2019, overall it was able to reach up to P 838 million in earnings worldwide.

hello, love goodbye location vandalized by fans
Hello, Love, Goodbye

Hello, Love, Goodbye is a story about Joy, played by Kathryn Bernardo, who is a domestic worker in Hong Kong. As she was planning to leave the city soon, she meets bartender Ethan, played by Alden Richards. Both of them developed a friendship, and the story revolved around the two of them.

hello, love goodbye location vandalized by fans
One of the locations in the movie that fans tried to find

The movie was a big hit and fans started to look for the locations of the movie. One particular fan looked for the location where Joy and Ethan shared a moment at a rooftop, and she was able to find it. Fritz Pineda shared pictures of herself while she was standing in the same spot, and showed the railing where the words, “Joy is here” with a heart symbol was written.

Other people were able to find the same spot in Hello, Love, Goodbye, but unfortunately, there were others that had vandalized the same railing by writing their own thing on it.

hello, love goodbye location vandalized by fans
Fans of the movie found the same place and had vandalized the same railing

According to the staff at Star Cinema, the words “Joy is here” has been removed already. Hopefully if other fans of Hello, Love, Goodbye finds the same location, they can respect the place and not vandalized the location further.


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