House Bill Filed To Ban Classes Earlier Than 8:30 AM in the Philippines

The bill, if enacted, will prevent class schedules from being set at an early time to protect the students’ welfare.

  • Bacolod representative Greg Gasataya has filed a bill to ban classes from starting earlier than 8:30 AM
  • Most schools in the Philippines start their classes very early in the morning
  • Gasataya thinks that the bill, if made into law, will greatly help the mental health of all students and will also help the parents

Manila, Philippines – The current school year has begun last June, and every morning, parents and students alike need to wake up very early to prepare for school. Students would need to groom themselves and parents are awake as well to help prepare their children and in the case of smaller children, they would accompany them in going to school. The common thing is that students, teachers, and parents need to wake up very early depending on their school’s schedule.

Bacolod representative Greg Gasataya has looked into this and has filed a bill to try to help out. House Bill No. 569 aims to stop classes from being set earlier than 8:30 AM.

house bill filed to prevent classes from being earlier than 8:30 am
Bacolod Representative Greg Gasataya. Image credit:

In an article from, Gasataya said that classes should not start before 8:30 AM due to the current state of transportation and the workload that students get under the new K-12 curriculum. He also has the health and safety of the people in mind, specially those that live in the rural areas.

He was also quoted to say that this bill has the students’ physical, mental, and social well-being in mind, and that the government should adopt a better approach to health development in schools.

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Gasataya also mentioned that other countries hold classes that are later than the time that he proposed and that there have been studies that say a later school schedule had helped students excel in their studies.

The same bill will also help parents who need to wake up earlier in order to prepare their children’s needs before they go to school.

Gasataya, vice chairman of the House Committee on Higher and Technical Education also filed House Bill No. 568 which has the goal of providing a scholarship for PWD and their children, and House Bill No. 573, which seeks to hire additional mental health personnel and place them in state universities and colleges.

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