Walls of Intramuros Painted In Celebration of Pride Month

This is only part of the activities that MNLxVIE Equality Fest had from June 25 to June 29, 2019

Walls of Intramuros Painted In Celebration of Pride Month
  • June is known to be “Pride Month” to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community
  • Austria and the Philippines together celebrated the first MNLxVIE Equality Fest as a means to stand against gender-based discrimination
  • Part of the activities is the unveiling of a mural made on the walls of Intramuros that celebrates Pride and equality

Manila, Philippines – The month of June is known as “Pride Month,” and is used in celebration specially for members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Pride colors are visible almost everywhere and this is when people work harder than ever to advocate the rights of people of different genders.

Austria and the Philippines got together and celebrated the first MNLxVIE Equality Fest. The event aims to promote human rights and stop gender-based discrimination everywhere through what they called “creative activism.”

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The event was held from June 25 until June 29, 2019 at different venues. The opening of the event was held in Tarzeer Pictures, Makati, and was led by the Austrian Ambassador Bita Rasoulian. Other events included performance arts and music, and numerous talks regarding the LGBTQIA+ community revolving around equality and their presence in TV and film.

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In a post from the Philippines News Agency, another highlight from the MNLXVIE Equality Fest was the unveiling of the mural painted on the walls of Intramuros last June 26. The mural was a collaboration between Austrian artist Katharina Kapsamer and Salzburg Global Forum member Ralph Eya.

The Austrian ambassador was present at the unveiling, along with other important guests like Austrian drag queen Tamara Mascara. According to her, they want the mural to get people to change how they may think of people of different genders.

walls of intramuros painted with a mural to celebrate pride
Austrian drag queen Tamara Mascara stands in front of the Pride mural on the walls of Intramuros. Image credit:

The mural itself both uses Katharina Kapsamer’s project, “Smile at a Fire Hydrant,” and Ralph Eya’s new public art initiative, “We Are Common.”

For those that would want to see the mural, it is located in front of Museo de Intramuros.


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