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Indian Tourists Went Viral After Stealing So Many Things From Their Hotel in Bali, Indonesia

Indian netizens did not appreciate what the family did and assured that all Indian tourists are not like that.

  • A video that showed a family of Indian tourists being checked by hotel staff in Bali, Indonesia for things that they may have stolen in their hotel room has went viral
  • In the video, one of the Indian tourists say they will pay for the items but the hotel staff did not appreciate the attempt at stealing
  • The video went viral with Indian netizens saying that they do not represent all Indians that travel

When a person travels and needs to stay at a hotel, the room where you’ll be in will have things that you can use to enjoy your stay further. Complimentary soap, toothbrush, and shampoo are among the few that is provided for your use. Some would try to sneak out unused bottles of these as they are usually included with what you pay for, but it looks like one particular family tried to take it to another level.

Indian tourists stole items from a hotel room in Bali, Indonesia
Hotel staff unloading the luggages of the Indian tourists. Image credit: @hemanthpmc/Twitter

In a viral video posted in Twitter by user Hermanth, it showed a family of Indian tourists at a parking lot of a hotel in Bali, Indonesia, and they were confronted by what appears to be hotel staff. One of the men from the hotel was opening their bags, only to see items that were in their hotel room hidden away inside blankets or clothes.

Indian tourists stole items from a hotel room in Bali, Indonesia
The hotel staff found things that were taken from their hotel room without permission. Image credit: @hemanthpmc/Twitter

One of the Indian tourists kept saying, “I will pay,” to which the hotel staff said, “I know you have a lot of money, but this is no respect.”

The video apparently was taken by another member of the hotel staff. Police reports say that a housekeeping manager saw the family throwing stuff over the villa fence, which led to the confrontation that was caught on camera.

Indian tourists stole items from a hotel room in Bali, Indonesia
“I know you have a lot of money, but this is no respect,” the hotel staff said. Image credit: @hemanthpmc/Twitter

Netizens from India were quick to condemn the actions of the said family, saying that the action of one does not reflect the action of all Indian tourists. Another one wondered why they bothered to steal the stuff from the hotel when they have money to spend for a vacation in the first place.

Getting things as a souvenir is good, but make sure you at least paid for it or asked permission to take an item or else your whole trip will end up wasted.


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