Man Walking Backwards in Indonesia Wants To Raise Awareness on Deforestation

A man is walking backwards all the way from East Java to Jakarta in order to get attention regarding the forests.

  • Medi Bastoni is walking all the way from his hometown to Jakarta, Indonesia, and he plans on reaching it by August 17, all by walking backwards
  • He is doing this to be able to raise awareness of the deforestation that his happening at his hometown
  • He plans on finding a means to talk to the President of Indonesia regarding the topic on the day that he reaches the capital

Issues regarding the environment is always a great topic. This is regardless if we are talking about pollution, or means of how we can help in clearing it up. Dealing with trees are also an important topic.

Trees have always been one of the resources that we need and use, but as much as we use trees, they don’t grow as fast, and so there would be cases that people would cut too much trees, leading to the deforestation of certain areas. One man in Indonesia wants to raise awareness on this and he is doing something about it.

Medi Bastoni, 43, lives in Mount Wilis, which is a dormant volcano in Indonesia. He has noticed that the forests in his hometown are being cut too much and he wants to make sure that they don’t get all cut down so that some can be left for the next generation.

man walking backwards to Indonesia to raise awareness on deforestation
Medi Bastoni is walking 700 KM backwards to raise awareness on deforestation

What he did then is he started a journey from East Java and he is headed to Jakarta. He plans on arriving there by August 17, just in time for the country’s Independence Day. He is only traveling by foot, and he is doing it by walking backwards.

In his journey, he is aided by a mirror that he set on his backpack in order for him to be able to see what is behind him. He plans on walking at least 30 KM a day and sleep at mosques and police stations. The distance that he’ll be covering is close to 700 KM.

man walking backwards to Indonesia to raise awareness on deforestation
Medi also tries to cover as much ground as possible at night, aided by a glowing stick for vehicles to see him. Image credit: #RadioElshinta/Twitter

When he gets to Jakarta, he hopes he can speak to President Joko Widodo and ask for trees that he can use to start the reforestation of Mount Wilis.

A noble cause and he is indeed getting the attention that he needs, so hopefully he can get a dialogue with their President.


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