WATCH: Kids Slide Down the Middle of an Escalator Inside a Mall

The kids see this as a form of entertainment from their perspective

  • Escalators are used to easily go from one level of a building to another
  • A video on Facebook showed two kids sliding down the gap between two escalators
  • The video became viral with some wishing they did the same thing when they were kids, while others thought of the possible consequences

When you want to go from one level to another in a building, using an elevator comes to mind. It is the most convenient means but the hassle of waiting for one as they can only travel one way at a time can waste a lot of your time.

Escalators are made with that in mind. Though they can only go from one level to another, it moves continuously and it doesn’t need to stop when someone needs to ride it. Escalators are usually set in pairs; one would go in an ascending direction, while the other goes on the opposite direction.

Escalators greatly help with going up or down one level without the hassle of waiting for an elevator.

Despite being the “faster” means of going from one level to another, escalators can still be dangerous if you are not careful. Cases of people being stuck in an escalator’s gap is not uncommon, but it looks like a couple of kids wanted to take it on another level.

In a Facebook post from a page called “Enoc Dee,” it showed two children, assumed to be street children, and they were standing at the gap between two escalators. After that, the kids slide down to the lower floor using the gap between the escalators as a makeshift slide, and they were able to get off safely. It may also appear that they did this as their own form of amusement.

The two kids getting ready to slide down

The video also showed that as the kids slide down they quickly gained speed; the boy had to suddenly brace himself on the escalator’s handrails as he slid down.

Watch out! The kids are sliding downwards using the middle of the escalators as a makeshift slide.

The video has been viewed more than a million times, and has been shared almost 75,000 times as of this writing. Some netizens who commented said they wished they were able to do that when they had a chance, while there were others who thought of the consequence if one of the kids were hurt.

Fortunately the kids were able to make it down with no injuries to themselves or to others

Using an escalator that way is not correct, as it can both damage the machinery and can hurt the person attempting the stunt. We recommend that you do not try the same thing.


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